Due to American Airlines recent announcement that it will charge customers $15 to check their first piece of luggage,the World-Famous BunnyRanch, and location of the hit HBO series “Cathouse,” has announced that it will reimburse any American Airlines customer $15 who shows their baggage claim stub at the brothel. The rebate – similar to the stimulus tax-return checks currently being mailed by the U.S. government – are intended to stimulate a warm feeling in BunnyRanch patrons who might otherwise feel screwed at 30,000 feet without even joining the Mile-High Club.

Troy interviews Dennis Hof, owner of the BunnyRanch

Dennis Hof Interview

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Baggage and stimulus.

There is a joke in here some where.

Baggage and stimulus. There is a joke in here some where

Ha ha.

Pink Slip

For an even better bang for the buck they have a special stimulus check enhancement. If you cash your $600 check at the Bunny Ranch the 1st 100 will get $1,200 in Bunny services. :)

A rise out of people with the enticements.

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