Libertarian Barr defends personal privacy

"Former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia, now running for president on the Libertarian ticket, told a Portland crowd today he got into the race to offer an option for those who want less government intrusion in their lives.

"There is absolutely no reason for them to feel bound to the artificial constraints of the two-party system," Barr said. "Those are their only two choices: big government and really big government."

Barr, who served four terms in Congress as a Republican, switched parties after becoming disenchanted with what he called the high-spending ways and increasingly Big Brother policies of the Bush administration. "

But yet he voted to establish the Department Of Homeland Security, Big Brother, et al.

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But yet he voted to establish the Department Of Homeland Security, Big Brother, et al.

Yeah, I think he needs to "walk the walk" for awhile before he can seriously run on his current platform.

Pink Slip

Dismantle and reduce government size and programs in the current world we live in, with so many demands and needs.

Put it off the Federal government's shoulders and onto those of the states. Different states have different demands and needs, and the federal government cannot and should not be able to just legislate blanket coverage for everyone.

The states could effectively defend themselves against attacks from others?

The states could adequately manage education for the citizens of each state and not have conflicting rules, laws, regs from state to state?

The states would view the protection of water and air, something that affects us all, the same way and would create laws and regs to protect the air and water, when corporations pollute it?

Interstate highways would become state roads and the maintenance of them could not be that important to all states.

While EU forms a unified body, or at least is trying too, similar to what we have here, we have people that want what seems to be more of the 13 colony style governments, all with individual rules and regs.

Seems that we want to break up the union of states and go back to some loose confederation of states all doing what they wish.

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