Kaptur, others will tour Nova Scotia site that may become link for Toledo freight shipments

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) will lead a nine-person Toledo delegation to Nova Scotia to tour the site of a proposed deepwater container terminal that could become a link for international freight shipments to and from Toledo.

Aides to Miss Kaptur said the trip, starting today, will be a follow-up to discussions she, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, and representatives of the Melford International Terminal project held in Columbus in April.

"The Melford-to-Toledo intermodal concept has great potential for economic development in our region," Miss Kaptur said. "I hope to learn more about the project and offer suggestions about how to realize Toledo's potential as a key production and distribution center." (CONT.)

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Maybe she should start listening to my show on 1370 WSPD. We've talked about this project a number of times and interviewed the Dir. of the St. Lawrence Seaway. How far behind the rest of us is this woman anyway?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Glad you are still keeping an eye on things here!

YOU have a show?

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Will be?

The Mayor is not listed as part of the committee set up to go to Nova Scotia.

The Mayor is not listed as part of the committee set up to go to Nova Scotia.

I think the quarantine restrictions were too much for him.

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What the headline should read is, Marcy Kaptur and Nine Deserving People from Toledo go on All Expense Paid Vacation to Nova Scotia. Drinks and meals included with Hotel! Fly First Class! Let the really stupid taxpayers foot the bill for this...

Mad Jack
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With the high security on airlines nowdays, they won't allow most medications. And without his schizophrenia medicine, one of his personalities wets the bed.

The other three personalities living inside Cartys head hate a wet bed.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

"Can something like this survive? The company’s consultant said there’s a desperate need to find another way to bring cargo into North America, especially on the East Coast since a lot of the containers are destined for New York and New Jersey. And, it’s not looking to steal business from Halifax—the company believes it won’t have any trouble getting lots of cargo."


“We’ve had phenomenal interest and been somewhat overwhelmed with the interest for a lot of Great Lake destinations and not just for short shipping feeder service but also for rail service into those,” Mann said. “We’ve met with governors and Congress people and state departments in Toledo and Cleveland and Oswego and a whole number of U.S. ports, as well as Canadian ones.”


“We’ve met with governors and Congress people and state departments in Toledo and Cleveland and Oswego and a whole number of U.S. ports, as well as Canadian ones.”

But have they talked with Fred?

Pink Slip

This discussion about the Melford Terminal and the idea of offloading containers from Panamax-sized ships onto lakers has been going on since 2003. It's a variation on short sea shipping. Jim Hartung and I attended a conference with Jim Hartung where this project was discussed in great detail.

From 2003 - 2006, I provided biweekly updates to Marcy and/or her staff. She's been aware of this for a long time -- long before Fred or Brian had ever heard of intermodalism.

There's plenty of cargo to go around. NY/NJ, Baltimore, and other east coast ports are operating beyond capacity and demurrage (ships waiting idly to be unloaded) is expensive for shippers. There will be many shippers eager to jump on this.

What would be better for this region is if the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway Commission would get about the business of modernizing the Seaway. It was obsolete when it was completed and not much has been done since. Locks need to be expanded to accommodate larger vessels. They also have to go to a 12 month season (the seaway shuts down in January into March for maintenance). Shippers like to have a confirmed, year-round mode for their cargo. Having to find another way to ship for two months discourages companies from using the Seaway.

Chrysler sends Jeeps to Baltimore by rail for shipping. Toledo can (and did) load and unload RO-RO (Roll on -- roll off) ships that carry vehicles. But Chrysler wants a 12 month mode.

The commission has completed their engineering study, but two New York Senators, Clinton and Schumer, don't want the deal because it might restrict cheap electricity to upstate New Yorkers for a period of time.

they definitely increased the community awareness of intermodal transportation. I appreciate their discussions of the process as I had not heard of it, other than a passing line in some college text. I also appreciate the experts from the University, the Port Authority and more for coming on air to further educate us on the process and the progress that has occurred to date. This project now has community interest and support...at least more than it has for the past 5 years!

Also, since the lakes do freeze over some winters anyway, aren't improvements to the Seaway a moot point? Shouldn't we focus more on the other 3/4 of the equation...air, rail and road?

Last question, since this project would have regional impact, why did the Mayor appoint a taskforce? Shouldn't this come from the county or even work within Economic Region 2 in Ohio? As sites are identified, will the region be able to take advantage of any the Ohio Job Ready Sites Program funds to bring these sites up to shovel ready? Or do those funds not apply to this type of project?

With regards to why businesses have set up the intermodal project in N. Baltimore, we see why there has not been more done here.

Toledo is in between other points of shipping via air, rail and water and there seems to be little incentive or interest from business.

And then some want the government to step up and do more, while at the same time people call for little or no help from the government and the government should not play a role in this matter.

Neighborhood gets me to wondering...how much should government be involved in this? Since it may involve infrstructure improvements does that require their involvement? Or should area businesses work in consortiums and see this through to completion? If so, who would spearhead the consortiums? Just a few passing thoughts on a Saturday morning...,

We have comments from all quarters, some one should do something, the govie should do this, ah, no, the govie should do nothing, let business come and get it done.

Business is not coming in and setting up as much as we would like or need. The solar companies have had help and incentives to set up in the area.

Other areas of the country offer incentives to attract businesses and then the comments come we should have our tax dollars used to attract businesses.

It seems at times we do not know what we want.

"Or should area businesses work in consortium's and see this through to completion?"

It's up to the business leaders to decide if they wish to join together, but, there have been many documented case of collusion. When I was employed in the paper industry, there were business consortium's that formed and acted together to improperly influence the marketplace, and the govie stepped in and broke it up.

What of the now vacant Jeep parcel? Sure it is a brownfield, but with its proximity to rail lines and highways, wouldn't it be marketable as a warehouse or supply chain management location?

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