Troy Neff Show-Media Exclusive: It’s in God’s hands, the Michael and Clara Gagnon Interview Updated-New Video

Michael Gagnon was convicted and sentenced 43 years for aggravated vehicular homicide and aggravated vehicular assault. In a media exclusive, Michael Gagnon Sr. and Clara Gagnon talk about their son’s life and the events leading up to the incident on Dec. 30th.

After the sentencing Clara posted a Myspace blog about the Judge.

“She couldnt handle the media,so she threw the book at Michael,so another Judge would have to deal with it.Its about the almighty dollar.I followed so many other cases of drinking and driving,and there is no way my son deserves 43 yrs.

My daughter Theresa layed on the floor wailing for her brother, a family member or friend walked by and lifted her leg and clapped her hands,and smiled.No amount of money can bring back those lives,or the pain,but, Dan grifffin,said he had no money to pay for medical bills.He got 600,000 from my and Michaels insurance company.And his last statement was that he had to start all over,what a new wife!!!!!!!!!!!

I know Iam suposse to turn the other cheek,but Iam heart broken,I prayed for Gods will,and I cant except it.I have no hope or faith left,only Gods love,I hope thats enough.”

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Wow...she has a hell of a lot of nerve.

Before reading that, I was feeling a reasonable amount of sympathy for the Gagnon family. However, assuming that the quote above was truly written by Gagnon's mom, I've changed my opinion of her from a sympathetic figure to a cold-hearted bitch.

To have the gall to discuss that her insurance company paid $600K to the Griffin family? Well listen, honey....$600K is just the tip of the iceberg for the medical expenses that those survivors have and will continue to have. Your insurance company paid $600K towards those bills? Well la-dee-frickin-da,,,let's not forget that none of those medical bills would have existed if your son hadn't killed those people and maimed the rest.

Rot in hell, Clara've just lost any sympathy I ever had for you, and I'm sure others would feel the same way.

P.S. Your son does deserve the 43 can't go by past drunk driving sentences, because we have been historically too lenient on drunk drivers.

but I feel he should have got much longer.

Things probably would have been better for everybody directly and indirectly involved had Micheal's family kept a closer eye on him.

that the maximum was 50 yrs.

Yes, I believe the maximum he could have been sentenced to was 50 years.

So perhaps she should reflect upon the fact that, given what he did, he's lucky he didn't get the whole 50 years.

By the way Michael Sr spoke about the family losing track of Jr. Supposedly he could not get into the hotel because he did not have his room card. Too drunk to go to the front desk? No excuse, but when you are having a blackout anything can happen.

They don't show you all this in the beer commercials. Maybe our nations problem starts at glorifying bad habits.

Do beer commercials show people getting all drunk and then driving like morons?

Granted, I don't watch TV -- it produces a somnolent state, which makes it a DRUG at worst, and a PROPAGANDA DEVICE at best -- so I don't know what beer commercials do now.

Given my limited knowledge of the judicial system, I think the sentence was appropriate. If he does all 43 years his life will be pretty much over when he gets out. I expect he'll do about half the sentence and might be paroled, what with time off and all. If anyone here knows how such things work, please speak up.

I've given this considerable though, and I believe that if anyone were to do this to me - kill my family through drunk driving - I'd be able to forgive them. The thing is, my forgiveness allows me to get on with my own life. It does not stay or mitigate punishment.

As for Gagnon's parents, what do you expect them to say? Judging from the interview, his mother is clearly over-wrought and emotionally devastated, which is what I'd expect. His father seems to be handling the situation well, but again, that's what I would expect.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Michael Gagnon will serve all 43 yrs, he is not eligible for parole. I actually believed that Clara was sorry she wrote the things that she did on her myspace page.

Sarah told Clara Gagnon to "[r]ot in hell". I not sorry whatsoever for that comment, and I support it. There was NO payday for Gagnon's victims. Clara should just shut the fuck up before her mouth signs a check too big for her remaining character to cash.

if public school math serves, Gagnon will be, ah... 67 when he finally gets out. His parents probably won't live to see him leave prison.

I agree with your take on Clara. She probably is sorry she wrote the myspace post. Given her mental state, I'd give her a pass.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

But their son will be alive and fairly fit, considering all the free medical care he'll get. They can see him periodically in visits to the prison. The same can't be said of his dead victims and their parents.

At any rate, 43 years does seem fairly harsh. People who do Murder One have received lesser sentences. Was that to send a message? The people who drink and drive are numerous and just won't change their habits. I don't see anything changing. Gagnon was merely the lucky winner of the alcohol disaster lottery. There will be another.

I listened to her speak on your podcast.

Frankly, I don't think she sounded sorry at all. She almost sounded coached in the beginning part - like someone (perhaps legal advisors concerned about appeal prospects, or just concerned family members) had told her the kinds of things that would sound good to say publicly.

The rest of it sounded perhaps a little more genuine, but that beginning part where she talks about how she should have said those things about the Griffins sounded quite insincere.

BTW - I thought the dad sounded much more genuine...didn't the the impression of him being "coached" and he did sound like a much more sympathetic person. (Just listened to his interview.)

to be difficult to get her to open up at first. Later the interview flowed more easily. I do not believe they were coached. Just got lucky on the timing when my producer called them. I tried to remain nonjudgemental with them because I thought they would both share more openly and honestly what they were thinking and feeling.


But, out of curiosity, I tried to check her MySpace page and this is what it now says:

"Clara is amazed how everyone is looking at myspace page,but its on private,I wonder who did that. "

Almost like she's blaming other people for getting upset about her MySpace blog and her having to put it on private. (FWIW - the last login date is listed as 7-1-08, so its not like that's an old message: )

Just doesn't sound to me like she really "gets" why what she did by writing that for the world to see was wrong...which only reinforces my impression that she was just saying what she was supposed to say.

Again, just my opinion. Ironically, the past week or two, I had been talking about how I still felt some sympathy for Gagnon's mom and the rest of his family. (During discussions 'round the watercooler at work... ;) ) She might have been better off keeping her mouth shut and her typing fingers still...surely I can't be the only person who has lost some sympathy for her after her comments?

(Still a bad situation all the way around and there are no "winners" by Gagnon being sentenced to 43 years. Sure, he deserves to serve his sentence, but it doesn't make up for the loss of lives - nothing can change that.)

I don't think that she has changed how she felt when she wrote that message.

It is childish behavior. IMO she isn't sorry for what she did/wrote, she's sorry that she got caught.

It is tragic all the way around but the parents have to accept some responsibility for how they act/react in public. Their actions relect uplon their son and vice vesra.

I could totally understand her being upset her son is going to jail for the rest of her life, if not his.

What I can't get passed or excuse is her slamming of the victims.

Does she think that if her her husband and children were killed by a drunk that the only thing she'd have to do is find a new husband??

Her attack on the family that her son destroyed is disgusting.

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