thoughts on a "Robin Hood" tax?


"Voters in Santa Fe will head to the polls next spring. The question is whether those buying a high-end home have to pay a little extra to help out others."

"The measure would charge a one percent fee on for the amount of a home sale that exceeds $650,000.

Maybe I shouldn't post this - Might be something Carty n council might think is an idea! Of course in Toledo the yardstick wouldnt be that high. Maybe more like anyone in a home valued over 100 grand or so?

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... since this isn't taking from the rich. The people who are "paying" for these houses are not rich. They have BANKS lending them nearly all the money to "buy" these houses. The people "buying" are actually RENTING MONEY with which to buy.

As we can plainly see, the Congress is going to make the U.S. TAXPAYER the sucker of last resort for loans like these. So is it "Robin Hood" to steal from everyone in order to cover the losses of the bankers (i.e. the elite)?

If anything, I'd call this an ANTI Robin Hood tax.

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