Get ready for utility price shock- More good news!

(Cleveland) - Prepare for a steep rise in your utility bills. So says Richard Lubinski, president of Think-Energy Management in Silver Lake, near Akron.

Lubinski warns that the price of natural gas usually follows the price of crude oil. So he thinks the delivered price of natural gas could reach $16 or $17 per thousand cubic feet, which would be an increase of 50 percent or more over last fall's price.

Lubinski warns that electric bill hikes could be in the double digits, the exact increase is hard to predict but he thinks it will be greater than the rate of inflation.

He reports Baltimore experienced a 72% increase in electric rates after deregulation ended, Chicago a 50% increase, and Boston a 40% hike.

Lubinski urges consumers to start conserving electricity now, by replacing incandescent light bulbs, and turning off lights and appliances when they are not needed.

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