Gagnon sentenced to 43 years

 I was struck by the contrast of two killers -  the Thompson guy who killed 3 North Toledo guys, he laughed at the camera.  Gagnon at least has a conscience and showed remorse.  

TOLEDO, OH (AP) -- A Michigan man will spend 43 years in prison for a wrong-way crash in Toledo that killed a mother and four children from Maryland.

Michael Gagnon of Adrian, Michigan will spend the next four decades behind bars, seven years for each of the deaths he caused, and four years for each of the two injuries

Police say Gagnon was driving drunk, and in the wrong direction on I-280 in Toledo on Dec. 30 when his pickup truck hit a minivan filled with eight people coming home from a Christmas trip.

Gagnon had been out drinking with family and friends at a New Year's party before he struck the van.  Hotel and designated driver arrangements were made prior to the party.

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I'm kind of surprised that they didn't give him the whole 50 that he could have gotten.

He wiped out a family after all. I heard he's saying he was in a "blackout" and has no memory of it at all.

I think that sucks.

He should remember it.

Really remember it not just what he's been told. Not much you can do about that I guess though.

They should wallpaper his cell with photos of the people he killed.

I think his sentence was pretty long. Yes, he killed a family. However, it WAS an accident - not intentional, and nothing good will come from locking him up until he's in his 60's. But 'an eye for an eye', it seems.... Shortly after this accident happened & many people judged this guy's life on this one sad incident, which I hardly thought was fair - one stupid act when you are young does not define who you are. I asked this question before, and will ask it again - who can honestly say that they have never (ever) in their life, driven a car after having a few drinks? Some probably have never done it - but most, if they are honest, will admit that they have, and it's nothing short of luck this didn't happen to them (or their kids).

Being so drunk as to be driving the wrong way down the highway and being in a blackout is a few more then a "few drinks". Did he intend to kill them? I'm sure he didn't. It wasn't an accident he got that drunk. I'm sure he did it intentionally actually. Something good will come from locking him up until he's sixty. He won't be killing anyone else by getting behind the wheel of a car after he's blind drunk and driving the wrong way down the road. Or the right one for that matter. Chances are he won't serve that long anyways. It will be reduced on appeal or he'll get out early.

He's not eligible for parole...he will have to serve the entire 43 years.

(I don't forsee him having any legal grounds for appeal of the sentence...the evidence against him is too overwhelming and conclusive.)

First this guy...and now a Vermont man with the same last name is suspected of running a child-sex ring and murdering and raping his own niece. Clearly, the family roots of Gagnon are seriously infected with stupidity and evil.

You can't be serious. I'm sure a researcher could also find any number of killers and child molesters with the same last names of SB's contributors. That doesn't condemn any individual or group with the same name. I think we are descending into a dark age of reason with that kind of thinking about names, ethnicity, and blood lineage.

Did Gagnon have a history of drinking problems?

that it was a christian home where drinking was discouraged. This was the first time that they had the christmas party somewhere other than a church. But Michael had started hanging out at the rodeo. I don't believe his drinking had gotten him in trouble before this.

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