'We're also victims of this guy,' folks say about Michael Coon

What the heck is going on with this guy?
TOLEDO -- A day after News 11 broke the story of a man accused of threatening a University of Toledo trustee, more people have come forward saying they have also been victims of harassment by the accused.

All those targeted had written editorials in our local paper, reports News 11's Lisa Rantala. One woman says she changed her phone number two years ago because of the calls she received from the suspect. When her husband wrote an opinion in April, however, she says the suspect found their number and harassed them again.
Tom Noe just can't get out of the news....
I wrote several articles on Tom Noe and the Republican Party," which, she says provoked abusive phone calls from Toledo businessman Michael Coon.
Seems like a real nice guy. Intimidation of a witness and stalking. Threatening someone because of their opinion is just ridiculous.

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He's one of those real electronic terrorists (unlike fake ones like Chris) who get their jollies from intimidating others. This isn't about politics so much as it is Coon's enjoyment of torturing others with whom he disagrees.

As someone who has endured this kind of virtual horseshit from neo-Nazi thugs, I know full well how disturbing this can be, at least until you get used to it.

But heck - even the neo-Nazis generally don't go around harassing retired elderly people who just got mugged, like Dr. Hussain. Coon is a sociopath, but a wimpy one, the kind of insecure, asinine lowlife who preys on others and then tries to hide behind his First Amendment rights

Of course, everyone who posts on this thread with an easily-identifiable name and address (like me) will probably be on the list of Coon's enemies, so I'd advise everyone to just ignore this idiot. I have little doubt that the guy has an emotional age of about 14, and his real motivations are similar to mentally ill 14-year-old punks who like to torture cats and dogs.

Real justice would not be of the Louisville-Slugger-to-the-kneecap with this twit, but for him to sit at home in isolation with no one paying any attention to him whatsoever. I say don't imprison the moron - just permanently bar him from having private Internet access.

Coon would be emascualted without his keyboard, as the Internet acts as his virtual Viagra.

End rant.


The nitwit also runs a business called Holland Benefits Group, which is located in Holland, OH (this was on the police report). I'd post the number, but far be it from me to encourage others to call Mr. Coon and voice their opinions about his cruel behavior, and frankly - there's been enough electronic imbecility already perpetrated by Coon.

Still, Mr. Coon's clients will probably not be too happy with his efforts to terrorize old people, and maybe the best justice would be for his clients to take their business elsewhere.

Until you mentioned Holland Benefits I didn't realize I'd been harassed also by this guy. I include my e-mail from him as an example of the type of "intelligence" these people are dealing with. Weird thing is he sent them from his work e mail.
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Intelligent discourse eh?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Troy Neff has far better penmanship, sentence structure and paragraph content that can be used as a parameter to gauge qualification and ability to handle a person's fortune.

I can say that now that he is posting on a regular basis and his handiwork is on display for all to enjoy. Thanks Troy!

Matter of fact, it's the very first I have ever heard that "facial fat" is detrimental to seeing and hearing.

There's a lot to be said for "Malicious Intent".

Brian, why are you bringing Troy into this? You are trying to cause this thread to be derailed and you should not do this.

His name sounds familiar and no I am not thinking of that mass killer. I have been harassed for my opinion before, even recently, but not by him....yet.

He does sound like a real nut. If you do a google search for him, his address comes up. Makes you want to do some research on who you are doing business with. If he is in charge of Holland Benefits Group, and you owned a business, you would not want to associate yourself with him, that is for sure.

I was comparatively speaking as far as qualified to be trusted in the business.

My God, Chris, can you not see how literally disturbed this Coon clown is just based on Fred's correspondence?

No, Troy participates, there's no ill will towards him anymore.

Did anyone happen to see that this tough guy also has an Amazon profile. He's even written a review------for a Dungeons & Dragons book.

Pink Slip

He's a little old for Dungeons & Dragons isn't he? Seems a bit high school to me. I've told a couple of friends to never, ever use their real names as user names on anything - but they have, they do.

No kidding. Especially in a forum where almost everyone is local and potentially dangerous situations could come up.

(In the interest of full disclosure, my real first name is not Sarah. lol Not trying to be disingenuous...the name is significant to me, its just not my given name. I would never use my real given name as a user ID.) ;)

It's far too late for me to try and recover my anonymity, so I just put the kooks like Coon up there with lightning strikes or head-on collisions: when God decides it's time for me to go, there's not a whole heckuva lot I can do about it.

Besides, if you lived your life worried about every potential nut who might stalk you, you would be forced to never leave your house. In the case of Coon, my assessment is that he's a chicken-s**t punk who likes to scare people on the phone and via email, but that he's otherwise about as dangerous as a cornered rat: only a problem when you are foolish enough to stick your hand in its face.

Ohio now has The Castle Doctrine. All you have to do is yell at the top of your lungs, "Oh my God he has a gun!" the moment your property/personal space are violated.

I went through this with (a certain poster who hasn't posted lately), where he'd imply that he was comming down here to "visit", even knowing he wasn't, but even implying, combined with his comments of implied hostilities, he set himself up for "Malicious Intent".

I'll tell you, the moment the wife became concerned, the rules changed drastically.

Fortunately for me I was told who (a certain poster who hasn't posted lately) was and put the kibosh on his antics. A quick call to the lawyer and he told me just to mention "Malicious Intent". That debacle left this site and went into email for a couple of days and I saved every one.

The really sad part is when the time comes and they are called on the carpet, they always rely upon, " but he (Coon) said yesterday he doesn't believe his e-mails to Dr. Hussain were harassing or intimidating, and he represents "zero threat" to the doctor..

Like the victims know that.

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