George Carlin, RIP

George Carlin, who started being funny for a living all the way back in the 1960s, is dead at 71. Do you have 10 minutes to spare? Then you have a choice: Either read up on important history -- George and "the seven dirty words" -- or watch the video, which as of yet is not regulated by the FCC.

*Warning* Naughty words....

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I will miss George Carlin. I saw him live, when his seven dirty words was fairly new - I think he got his schtick a bit from Lenny Bruce, but did it far better. He could outrage people, but he spoke the truth as he saw it - more right, more often than not.

Sorry, I never thought he was "all that". His schtick hadn't changed since 1977. I think he came off as an angry old man that hated people.

The best comics are the clean ones - Cosby, Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan.

I loved Carlin. I was very sad to see that he had passed. I thought they were just doing a story on him and then I saw the dates on his picture and it was deja vu, I found out about John Lennon the same way.

Wondered why they were talking about his so much and then the picture with the dates on it. *le sigh*

He was awesomely funny in movies like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Dogma. His whole thing about revamping Jesus into Buddy Christ!

Buddy Christ

That was awesome.

the "dirty seven." Can still say them today!

Carlin was hilarious. And so is Kevin Smith the writer and director of Dogma. Carlin did not come up with Buddy Christ. He played the Cardinal.

How did Carlin get the label that evey news story is using ? The Counter Culture Hero. He was funny but he was no hero despite his endless confrontations of " the mans " laws and way of thinking. He was an angry man with an opinion. With a brilliant way of getting his point across. To bad more people do not heed his words.

Carlin did not come up with Buddy Christ. He played the Cardinal.


I know that. Dogma is one my favorite movies. It was however his part in the movie to introduce Buddy Christ. I personally believe that in the hands of any other person that that portion of the film wouldn't have been anything compared to what it is.


"Cardinal Glick: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now we all know how the majority and the media in this country view the Catholic church. They think of us as a passe, archaic institution. People find the Bible obtuse... even hokey. Now in an effort to disprove all that the church has appointed this year as a time of renewal... both of faith and of style. For example, the crucifix. While it has been a time honored symbol of our faith, Holy Mother Church has decided to retire this highly recognizable, yet wholly depressing image of our Lord crucified. Christ didn't come to Earth to give us the willies... He came to help us out. He was a booster. And it is with that take on our Lord in mind that we've come up with a new, more inspiring sigil. So it is with great pleasure that I present you with the first of many revamps the "Catholicism WOW. " campaign will unveil over the next year. I give you... The Buddy Christ. Now that's not the sanctioned term we're using for the symbol, just something we've been kicking around the office, but look at it. Doesn't it... pop? Buddy Christ... "

I think the people who didn't care for Carlin, or were offended by him, were those he poked fun at - which is aburd, because Carlin poked fun at most everybody & everything. He was raised very religious, but wasn't so much as he got older - but he knew enough about religion & the church to poke fun at it accurately. But many religous people hated that he poked fun at them. I thought he was just as funny when he poked fun at bad parenting & the education system & the government. I guess it depended on who's button got pushed by him - I never got upst if he pushed some of my buttons, but religious people/zeolots tended to do so more than others.

Whether you liked Carlin or not - he was still pretty accurate in his button pushing. He spoke more truth than anybody - although Cosby does well at that too. Just never dug in as deep as Carlin did.

My preschool son was even a George Carlin fan.

* Note - before anyone jumps to conclusions about my parenting skills...George Carlin narrated Thomas the Tank Engine episodes for PBS children's programming. My son is a huuuuuge Thomas fan. No obscenities in those broadcasts. :)

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