Legislators eye pit bull compromise

COLUMBUS - State Rep. Tyrone Yates (D., Cincinnati) and Rep. Shawn Webster (R., Hamilton) stand at polar opposite points in their ideas as to how to deal with pit bulls, those muscle-bound dogs with jaws of steel.

Mr. Yates, a former city councilman, has introduced a bill to ban the breed from the state of Ohio. Dr. Webster, a veterinarian who cares for pit bulls in his practice, believes the breed has gotten a bad rap and wants to end its distinction as the only dog breed automatically deemed "vicious" under state law.

And neither believes he has enough support to get his bill through the General Assembly, so the two have struck an unlikely partnership to pursue a compromise over the summer to settle a dispute on how to deal with a dog that can be a loving pet in the right hands and a killer in the wrong.


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From the article: "I think the legislature tilted way off to the left on this," said Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon. "From that point on, it would be nearly impossible to convict someone of dog-fighting in Ohio.

How many people have been arrested for dog fighting in the last year? How many people have been convicted on charges of dog fighting in Lucas County last year? More to the point, how many of these arrests and convictions has Tom "dog killer" Skeldon assisted in, besides killing the dogs Skeldon thinks are involved?

Both Skeldons should be removed from office.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

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