Brian Schwartz host of WSPD's 'eye on Toledo' show today !

I just caught the end of it , but it was him
! Bryan, good job ! Stick
with it .

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How can Schwartz defend himself as a commentator when he supported a clinically-crazy mayor for a $60K per year salary bribe? Of many possible candidates, I can hardly see Schwartz having any credibility to perform the job.

Actually, I thought it was a $72K per year salary bribe... But if he 's ready and willing to air his behind the scenes war stories with our duly elected douche bag, Im all for it. Could be hilarious.

and it was interesting. I thought he was pretty upfront, he would not be drawn into any name calling of the mayor and apologized for the door blocking incident. In return the callers were polite, but did ask several pointed questions. All in all, not bad, but I'm not sure that this would be a good permanent gig for him. I see it more as a know, guess who this week's controversial Friday host will be.

If he becomes a regular on the radio, he has cut ties with his past .
It is like the Pope becoming a Methodist , or Barack becoming a
Republican. We are a forgiving people to those who truly change !


Does this means he didn't get the Port Authority job?

"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

having a danish with Scott McClellan.

wonder what that was about?

Changed into what or to what, what change?

He is a former member of the administration and is now on the radio with a show.

He is now on a station that as a member of the administration sought to block the radio station and the administration was forced to stop the blocking.

How many colors does a chameleon have? And how many times can the chameleon change to match the surroundings.


musta cost ya a couple of bucks to produce those intros on such short notice!

you were only "unemployed" 59 minutes!


Thank you Cogitate. I enjoyed it a great deal! I was nervous, but most people seem to think I got through it yet.


I actually said "I'm not Scott McClelland". I won't be. Carty trusted me and confided in me and I won't be betraying that trust. That doesn't mean I won't be providing insight into what goes on the mayor's office and in city government. If I'm still doing this gig when he leaves office, I will be more forthcoming when that happens.

Meanwhile, as long as Brian Wilson and WSPD will have me, I'm going to tap my knowledge of local government and local politics to do the best show possible.


Don't like it? Call Brian Wilson! I now have the unmitigated right to ignore you now -- and I will!


It was actually $75,000, but that's not important now since I'm not getting it anymore.

just look at the time I posted, I was just being cute.

Had I listened live, I'd probably have not typed that.

But nonetheless, it was timely...

It gave me a chance to dispel any notion that I'm going to be doing a tell-all anytime soon. Someday, I'll speak openly of my experiences in the Finkbeiner administration. but that time is not now. I keep my confidences.

I do recall your very supportive post on GCJ when I was suspended and while I had to remain silent at the time, I wanted to tell you I appreciated it.

I kinda figured you'd get the joke. But after listening to your show I can appreciate your loyalty to the position and see the gun-shyness.

you're a good man, Mr Schwartz, and I'll take the "grief" to stand by your side.


Mr. Schwartz, you could have ignored the comment and not responded, but you need the ratings I guess.

"That doesn't mean I won't be providing insight into what goes on the mayor's office and in city government. If I'm still doing this gig when he leaves office, I will be more forthcoming when that happens."

So in other words you are going to do to the Mayor what you have done to former city workers, bring out documents and information to damage the person.

Wouldn't it better if you just faded into the sun set, with regards to the Mayor, he has enough baggage already, and you are getting your own little set of matching baggage.

Can't change those spots, can ya.

I'm glad you are landing on your feet, Brian., but remember, I suggested you resign months ago. It was only a matter of time that you left the mayor, as I predicted.

The people fired from city hall and, after the lawsuits have ended, the people involved with the latest rounds of controversies, they could shed light on the goings on at One Government Center and give a whole different perspective.

I am relieved to be out. It got to be too much drama and trauma.

I'll be doing the show again tomorrow and am looking forward to improving upon my performance. I am also lining up some consulting work and other stuff to support my family.

Thank God my wife has health insurance! It gives me so many more options.

could you please email me at

I just have a question for you and my outlook express setup kinda provides more information than I'd rather know.


Could be why, not once, but twice, the administration has sought to shut out communications about unkempt lots, vacant houses that are literally falling down, trash problems and so on.

Someone on 22 or some department head or director has, what seems to be intentionally sought to block the flow of comments from citizens to the city.

Some lame excuse was given, the first time, about a domain not being valid and recently communications seemed to have ceased, but now after some intervention, the communications are once open again.

The administration lost the first free speech battle, they will surely loose anymore.

Aw, come on, do it now and get it on with it.

Like the time you publicly disparaged a former county official.

Or the times you made comments about a former employee while the termination of the employee was being contested.

Or the time you brought out to the media, personnel records about the employee.

Brian Wilson informed me on Friday that I will not be back as the host of Eye On Toledo. He was professional and to the point about why. I don't agree with all of his reasons, but it is his station to run and manage the way he sees fit. I didn't "fit" and I accept that.

I think it was generous of him to reach out to me to allow me the opportunity and I thanked him for it. He did say my performance was good for a first timer, so I may yet have a future in media.

My failure to crack the WSPD lineup has left the door open to Chris Meyers and I wish him the best of luck. Chris, we've got to do something to heal the rift in the local GOP. I'll be in touch soon.

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