PESWiki - Awesome website to Explore! Learn about Clean Energy Technologies

This is the best website I've visited in a long time. I have been reading up and discovering so much about Oil Reserves, Oil Alternatives, Hydrogen, Biofuels, Oilgae, and so forth.
PESWiki is an international Web-based free-content project. It exists as a wiki, a website that allows visitors to edit its content. The word PESWiki is a portmanteau of the abbreviation of PES (Power Energy Systems) and Wiki. PESWiki is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing articles to be changed by anyone with access to the website.

The PESWiki project began on August 5, 2004, as a complement other wikis and websites online and is sponsored by Pure Energy Systems ( PESWiki's founder has called PESWiki "a work station for the world of inventors and investigators into the exciting field of alternative energy technologies that are clean, renewable, inexpensive, and practical".

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