Street View of Toledo comes to Google

Used Google maps to locate a place in the city and noticed that the street view is enabled now.

Pretty nifty,+...

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Very cool.

I hope that means they've finally got some updated and better quality satellite shots in GoogleEarth.

I doubt it does, but I can hope right?Tongue out

We have more empty buildings then I thought. Oh look there...they're building another pharmacy...I just can't wait until it closes and becomes a dollar store.

Never even thought of that.

Now, when the citizens are told people and businesses are not leaving and there are hundreds of companies, names not disclosed, we can use google to see the reality.

they took these photos a year ago before the City Council primary. It is funny to see my campaign signs up in certain areas of the city. I may be looking more into this. I am wondering if they took the photos on a weekend in my neighborhood. Freaky but cool.

Really cool. I hope they update this cause we just redid the front of our house including a Magnolia Tree. I would have liked to see the way it looks now at all the angles.

Oh Great! They took the pictures in my neighborhood on trash pickup day before it was collected. Now to view my street looks like the city was on a Garbage Strike. Very appealing. I won't be using it as a sales tool for my property anytime soon. Hope they take new pictures.


- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I was thinking the same thing. Being that it is a huge investment for Google to do this, I doubt they will come around again for a while. Makes me regret not weeding my flowerbed. lol. I sort of feel like the person who finds out at the last minute that they need to take a photo. Maybe Google should have sent out a press release alerting the City they were currently photographing the neighborhood. We could have prepared.

Krazykat, your neighborhood will be immortalized as a garbage strewn neighborhood and Sherry, good luck with the magnolia tree.

I wonder how long it took Google to do this? I have seen the car's shadow that took the photos. I wish I would have seen it go by. I was at home at the time.

to photograph my community, but they're close

I guess now is the time to put my "Toledo Pride" yard sign out, eh?


The pictures of my neighborhood are about a year old as far as I can tell. It seems to have been taken in the middle of the block so really all I'm seeing is my old car in the drive. I got rid of that car in January but the picture looks to be in the spring or summer.


I noticed they haven't updated the Toledo overlays in google earth either. Thats a couple of years old easily.

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