Democrats sell America to OPEC

"...President Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to lift its long-standing ban on offshore oil and gas drilling, saying the United States needs to increase its energy production. Democrats quickly rejected the idea."

Translation, Libs/Dems CONTINUE TO SELL AMERICA TO OPEC. Democrats in Congress force America to bow to the Middle East and take their crap rather than tap into American owned oil reserves.

American Democrats in Congress wipe their chins after sucking up to RICH OIL COUNTRIES and forcing the middle class to pay for their lack of cohones.


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According to recent Congressional testimony, "47.5 million acres of on-shore federal lands that are currently being leased by oil and gas companies, only about 13 million acres are actually in production, or producing oil and gas."

So why are Bush/McCain pushing for offshore oil drilling, when there are over 30 million acres of on-shore land that are NOT producing oil? Why aren't the oil companies using the land they're currently leasing to PRODUCE OIL? It's because it's not profitable enough to drill. They make more money by controlling and choking off the spigot.

Pink Slip

So it's cheaper for them to lease the land for a few pennies a years and keep the price of oil high.

Who would have thought that the Oil Companies don't have our best interest at heart.

Go figure...

To funny… you are complete obsessed with homo erotica. Just come out of the close, move out of your parent’s basement and you’ll be so much happier…

You really think Dem’s are prostituting themselves to OPEC? Where have you been the last 7 years?

Let us not for get that we have Bush selling the Saudis nuclear technology.

And don’t want think about what is going on here… Bush and Saudi make out

Bush and Saudi man love 

If we had taken the trillion dollars we’ve spent in Iraq and spent in on alternative fuel sources we’d tell the Saudis to fuck off…

BTW – supply and demand has very little to do with the cost of oil! It’s Bush’s ruinous economic policy of the weak dollar that is killing us. Add to that an every much under regulated energy market where speculation not supply and demand set price and we’re double screwed. Lastly you have Bush wanking his cock at Iran every other day just to add a few bucks to the price of oil and we’re triple screwed.

 Hopefully I've included enough homo erotic imagery to make you read this.

but I actually agree with Nancy Pelosi's comments in the article.

Here's the money shot for you BlowMe...

There are two prohibitions on offshore drilling, one imposed by Congress and another by executive order signed by Bush's father in 1990. Bush's brother, Jeb, fiercely opposed offshore drilling when he was governor of Florida. What the president now proposes would rescind his father's decision — but the president took the position that Congress has to act first and then he would follow behind.

Asked why Bush doesn't act first and lift the ban, Keith Hennessey, the director of the president's economic council, said: "He thinks that probably the most productive way to work with this Congress is to try to do it in tandem."

Bush Translated - "I know it won't work, so I'll keep blaming it on Congress."

Here you go...KO, KOs McCain...

Here you go...KO, KOs McCain...

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