Tim Russert Was Also a Christian

I didn't really watch Face The Nation, but whenever I saw Tim Russert being a moderator or in an interview, I liked him. I wasn't aware of his strong faith in Jesus. I found this article here: http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/2008/s08060084.htm

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Good Man!

By Ken Joseph Jr.

Special to ASSIST News Service


WASHINGTON, DC (ANS) -- In the midst of the dog eat dog, ratings driven frenzy that is today’s media there was a very strange pause.

It was the sudden death of Tim Russert.

Watching from a few feet away from the NBC studios in Washington, the reaction was truly astounding.

What was truly amazing about the sudden pause in the nonstop media machine was the way Russert was eulogized.

While his various accomplishments were detailed, there was one very consistent theme that waged nonstop and was so dramatically different.

Tim Russert was a good man. What was important to him was his family and his faith.

“In a Washington where everyone changes when they make it, Tim Russert never changed,” said a colleague.

What was it that made Tim Russert so different? What was the reason for his seeming nonstop smile? Why was his family so important?

The conclusion from some of the most jaded in the media was disarmingly simple – his faith.

In a paper written while he was in elementary school following the death of John F. Kennedy, young Tim Russert wrote “He was a good man and a Christian.”

The secret, as painful as it was for all those who knew him was that Tim Russert before he was a journalist, a family man and an all around good guy, was that he was a passionate believer in Jesus Christ.

His colleagues time after time revealed this secret to his passion, wistfully even at times.

For a moment all of Washington, the media and the nation paused to measure themselves by the standard of one man – Tim Russert.

His smile, his passion for life, his love of his family and his perennial positive outlook on life was unabashedly explained by all who knew him – he was a man who served Christ.

In a world where to many it may seem that money, power, fame has overtaken all. It took the sudden death of one man to bring all back to reality.

Tim Russert in death pointed the way back to truth. His simple life and the simple love that emanated from him was not of his doing but that of a man of God who saw his life as simply that of reflecting his love for God.

To him, it was the highest calling in life; to be useful to Gods purpose and to be obedient to His call.

A revival of sorts is sweeping across the hardened desks of executives, newscasters, politicians and just about everybody in between.

He was great because he was a man of faith. What more powerful words can be said about a man?

May the revival continue!
Ken Joseph Jr., who was born in Japan, heads up www.assyrianchristians.com and has written weekly columns in the Asahi Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun and currently writes in The Japan Times. He regularly comments on Social Affairs for CNN/Fox TV, BBC, ITN, ABC and in Japan for TV Asahi, NHK, TBS, NTV and others.

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