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Lisa Renee has compiled a list of publicly accessible records based on the previous and past leadership of the Republican Party. Why is this important? It was highlighted twice that the former leadership continued the "culture of corruption" by hiring and supporting. The Blade even thought that pasts were so important that they wrote three large articles about Joanne Wack's past. Ok so since she switched her testimony on the stand, ok worth one article, why the other two? It must be important right? Since for some reason, Joanne's past was "War and Peace" copy length worthy, maybe they will find the research interesting. Regardless Lisa did the footwork. You can do it yourself if you want by visiting the local court sites and looking up pending cases. You will also be surprised on some of the people in certain positions and the cases pending against them and how these cases could directly affect their work.

What do these pasts show? The new leadership's record in the courts stands about 70. The previous leadership's was about 25. If you subtract the ones from Dennis' business and Joanne who was no longer with the party, the number is about 14. So that is anywhere from 2-3x longer wrap sheet for the new leadership than the past. Some cases are still pending or just occurred. Some of the ones are for serious offenses.

The Blade asked "What type of party the Republicans wanted?" in its editorial on Friday. It is so easy to say look at the volunteers recruited as a real reason to select him, but if you hire someone for a job you look at the whole picture. And I think this goes to show the concern, why just recruiting volunteers should not have been the judgement on who should be selected. And I think this is the reason why saying that the only reason that people did not want to support Jon was because of tattooed and piercing clad people.

I don't want to sound like a broken record and since I have not had a record since about 3rd grade and don't remember what a broken record sounds like, you get the point about some serious concerns and even going back to what is fair or not. I do think I have said enough retrospect and hopefully this will get some discussion going on on coverage and what is fair and what is not. It is onward looking now

Enough said, read the post for yourself at:

Stainbrook’s quest to end the culture of corruption off to questionable start…

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The Blockade may be an unabashed Liberal rag, but even that is capable of reporting the news and concerned opinion. The paper has been right to ask if THIS kind of crap is what area Republicans really want to see in their leadership. I hope the answer is "no". These wacky stains need to be washed away.

(And no, I haven't been just waiting for days to say "wacky stains".)

Are not that much different all.

Both have problems with corruption and leadership that looks out for the party members, after they all need jobs.

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