Troy Neff Show: It’s not clear to the Mayor what a local radio station wants

This week Mayor Finkbeiner discusses the intermodal, TPS, and the productivity awards given to three local plants.

Mayor Finkbeiner Interview

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Marina District tax-revenue plan rejected by TPS

Finkbeiner forms panel to study intermodal hub

3 area factories earn top honor for productivity

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swipe at your sister radio station on the air - You
agreed in a mild way today that the other station was out of
line. You have your role- you are the
'good guy ' to the city officials .

But WSPD has a role too. Every government needs those
who will call them on the carpet, especially this one.
That doesn't make you any better than the ' other radio station'.
It just means your roles are different.

Take your role and make the city
government better. WSPD is making the city better too,
with their prophetic role of calling the city govt. to account.
Some folk are John the Baptist types , some are not .

You may be right. I might be a little sensitive because of some of the references made about me on other shows.

I do have this question though. Can WSPD hold government official to account without the name calling? I have no objection to what they say many times it's the manner in which they say it.

Carty sounds very negative when talking about the intermodal. The question I had when I listened was "why do we need just one?" The presentation was very positive last night. Wouldn't it be cool to have mutliple ones here in Toledo for the different shipping companies. There are 3 major rail lines that run through Toledo, why not try to get all 3 to set up some major intermodal yard? This city could turn around on a dime.

Carty has a different tone when talking about the Intermodal, one that he takes trying to dis the others working on the project. This negativity sounds really odd from him. The other thing is there is a difference in attitude in hope. Yes the marina district is nice, but it will only have a limited payoff for the city. Not all of those 30k workers will live in Swanton,

Also, I noticed he started the interview only saying WSPD is being critical of him, well WTOL is also, but for some reason he did not mention that.

The other thing that I took notice on was the water. I don't think anyone is saying give the water away. It was mostly, get to the table and get going. The Fallen Timbers mall got their water, why can't a potentially hot development site get theirs?

After hearing the presentation last night and what Carty has to say, I begin to wonder if he is beginning to lose his relevance. He seems aloof and his behavior on this project is quite disappointing. So much so, for the first time, he may no longer be relevant.

According to the meeting last night, they may not need water now. Well, wouldn't it be funny if Toledo will get nothing out of it because they were sitting in the corner pouting?

I replayed the interview early in the show today, so I got to listen again. Do you think the mayor was negative about the intermodal or was his negativity directed towards WSPD? WTOL may have been critical of the mayor recently but they don't do it for 7hrs a day every day.

There will be more than one intermodal. The Chevron property that the Port Authority bought, the new one in North Baltimore, plus whatever the mayor's committee determines is a good site.

Chris what should Toledo get in return for the water? It's not just Carty , every city councilman I've talked to has said they want more than just the cost of the water.

"Chris what should Toledo get in return for the water? It's not just Carty , every city councilman I've talked to has said they want more than just the cost of the water."

What would we get in return? Cash. That's how it works when you sell something.

Why do we need something more than just the cost of the water? If we're selling it for a fair return why must strings always be attatched when dealing with the city of toledo?

about what he said about WSPD. I caught the interview live on Thurs and continue to cringe as he bad mouths people. It is unprofessional of him to trash Brian McMahon and Jim Hartung because they helped out another intermodal somewhere else. I think that makes them experts. Plus that one is winding up, why not have them come and help. Trashing them only serves one purpose to discredit what they are doing. There are challenges with the airport for sure, but it looks really exciting. And it could potentially have more jobs than any other development.

What will the city benefit? Where will 30-60,000 workers live? They will live in Toledo and boy is there a surplus of houses not to mention all of the taxes that will be coming in. Even if the City breaks even, we will still win. But the other thing is it is a mute point because Brian M has said on multiple occasions he as already signed an agreement that he will accept any JED. But being how Carty is treating TPS, I think that Toledo is being unreasonable with the JED. If there is a will there is a way and right now I see everyone else with a will, excluding the mayor.

It would be good to have multiple intermodal facilities. This region can change in a rapid time and now is the time. They need to be supported everywhere.

*because* WSPD has shined such a bright light on the intermodal concept- he really hates WSPD.

Also, he dislikes ideas that didn't come from him, and ideas that don't put him in the front of the parade at the unveiling.

And I also think he's down on the idea because he is really holding out hope that there is some better site inside city limits.

Just my .02. this is nothing new, it's Carty's M.O.

The site should have similar water agreements that other extensions have worked out. Anything more feels like extortion to me, and I really don't like that.

Chris, I was there last night too, and there were references made directed at the Mayor during the presentation. With also the admission that the water issue that has been stated was the main stumbling block now no longer being an issue.

To me it was clear that the issues between Brian McMahon and the Mayor are not totally one sided, while you can argue who started what when, his feelings toward the Mayor was evident.

It's also worth pointing out that intermodal has been talked about in Toledo for the past 20 years, even longer since it could be said those like Paul Block dreamed of intermodal back in the late 1930's....with one of the key issues pointed out last night is it is up to the Railroads more than anything as to where an intermodal goes.

Personally I do believe intermodal should be explored, but I don't believe it will create over 90,000 jobs in this area, I also think alternative energy should be explored and I really agree with the one gentleman at the end of the row where I was seated who stated that private industry should be the one to lead on this and that the less government involvement the better. That's one thing this area has been guilty of for quite some time, rather than try to lead businesses in the direction we want them to go in - we do need to get out of the way and let them do it. Whether it's alternative energy or intermodal or both - our future has quite a bit of potential if we ever get to the point where we stop doing studies and this goes beyond the current Mayor as an issue.

I think the Mayor raised an interesting point in his interview, there is no reason why an intermodal has to happen on the land Brian McMahon purchased, it's not necessarily the "only" location that exists.

I think if we are going to be fair it's clear that the Mayor has issues with WSPD that go beyond the intermodal issue just as it's clear Brian McMahon would like his land to be the one that ends up being used. Both have their own agendas, doesn't mean it's wrong but that's the reality here. WSPD has their own agenda, Troy has his, we all have our own ideas of what is the "one thing" that should be done first.

I think it's great that WSPD has been getting the information out there so that people did have the opportunity to see this presentation. I do agree with Fred that this has to be community driven, the community has to drive is the point that we as residents of this area are going to demand that the politics of personalities stop and that those who are elected remember that it doesn't matter who's idea it was what matters at the end of the day is - can it work.

It's like having a beautiful cake in front of you, the most amazing flavor possible and spending so much time arguing about what color the icing will be that by the time that gets solved, the cake is stale and moldy....The art of compromise is one that seems to be lost in Toledo and that's what we really need, that's how I see it anyway...

We don't remember days only moments...


and now there are multiple sites. Let them rain. You hear about the arena, about 5/3 field, about the marina district on how that can change the area. Those will always be limited in scope until we turn around the population. In places like Memphis and Alliance, these facilities have turned around the area rather quickly.

Right now this is the only bright spot, because those other projects are just limited in scope and poor timing. There is never a better time than now, now we just need the people who will push it or give it the best shot and everyone will need to be on board.


think the Mayor raised an interesting point in his interview, there is no reason why an intermodal has to happen on the land Brian McMahon purchased, it's not necessarily the "only" location that exists.

But is there a long line of other people trying to put together intermodals all over the place? Why stand in this man's way? for 40yd of pipe??

So that's not an issue anymore according to what was said last night.

His site could be the best one, but at this point it doesn't appear the necessary component, a railroad interested in using it has come about. Is that totally the fault of the City? Hard to determine but possible given the reputation of our government on some projects.

From a public relations standpoint, and from what I understand part of what the commitee is doing is suggesting several locations - which if you are going to sell an idea to railroads or whoever for intermodal you should have more than one location to suggest. I don't believe Brian should be kept out of it purposely because of the Mayor but I don't think his site should be the "only one" as an option either.

We don't remember days only moments...

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