Konop wants county to pay 40 workers for nonprofits


Ben - just stop it. You're looking for another bullet point on your resume at our expense and you need to sit down and leave our money alone.

What you dont get Ben, is your job is NOT to go out and take 6 figure chunks of tax payers money and just blow it on bs jobs that amount to little more than internships.

What happens after the money runs out in 6 months? do all your new employees now get unemployment benefits? What happens if one of these employees is injured on the job??

You need to think this thru again. If you cant figure anything better to do with $350 of our money why not give it back to us?

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Ben could cure cancer and you response Billy would be "He's only doing it to get his name in the paper."

So predictable...

And if he picked his nose and flicked the booger you'd think it was the greatest thing ever.

What a ridiculous idea.....let's pay people minimum wage for six months instead of developing industrial parks or improving infrastructure in the county. $350,000 will go a long way to bringing in other businesses that provide good wages that will last a lot longer than 6 months. That $350,000 would have gone a long way to providing the promised incentives to Ironhead Marine.

As usual, I'll type very slowly so you can understand Sensor.

The county commissioners' role is to be a steward of our funds and look out for the county. Ben found what he calls $350,000 "surplus" money "just sitting there in a checking account"...

So he feels the best use for the whole of the county is to pay 40 kids minimum wage for 6 months?? do YOU really feel that's what he needs to be doing with our money?? Or should he invest our money into something where after 6 months we have has something to show for spending that kind of money?

Think what you want, but at least Im willing to back up why I feel the way I do about the thread I posted. You can always use the "ignore user' button that Ive done with your pap.

What happens to these 40 people after six months and the job runs out? I'll all for people getting jobs (that our tax dollars don't pay for) but what is the point of one that only last six months and they are jobless again?

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