Toledo Zoo helping preserve Kihansi spray toads

Something our zoo is doing to help out the toads on the verge of extinction. Too bad it could not be more glamourous, like the white tiger or the Java rihno or something :)

Thousands of Kihansi spray toads, all less than an inch long, once thrived in the Kihansi River gorge in Tanzania. Harnessing energy from this Global Diversity Hotspot’s waterfalls, the Tanzanian government and the World Bank built a dam there in the 1990s. The dam, in turn, brought the species to the brink by drying out their wetland habitat. As their population dwindled in 2000, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) brought 500 toads to the Bronx Zoo in New York, and others to Ohio’s Toledo Zoo. Now, these captive toads are the only survivors of their species. Once the chytrid skin fungus spread to the Kihansi gorge, the species became extinct in the wild. Thanks to the zoos’ sanctuaries, however, their numbers are steadily growing.

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