New staff slated at Pickett School - Updated

Pickett Elementary School in central Toledo will be given a new set of teachers and administrators next school year in hopes of improving its chronic under performance and complying with the federal No Child Left Behind Act, Superintendent John Foley announced yesterday.

The 35 teachers and two administrators will not lose their jobs with Toledo Public Schools, but will have the option to fill openings at other schools in the district.

The shuffling is a response to Pickett's status as one of Ohio's persistent offenders in missing No Child Left Behind's adequate yearly progress standards, and represents the district's first major "redesign" of a school because of the 2001 law, Mr. Foley said.

Updated 6/10 - Toledo Journal article:

Good indepth article on the issue.

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The only problem is I have with this is that now these piss poor teachers will be out infiltrating other schools.

If their performace was/is so bad that it requires a clean sweep of the teaching personel then I know I certainly would be none to pleased to find out that one of these Einstiens were slated to be my son's teacher next year.

Allegedly, these folks are going out into other schools and will bump less senior teachers into Pickett.

When the fact-finder determined the TPS owed a LOT of money to the teachers and their union, I mentioned to some friends that I believed the administration would now go on a war footing, and would seek to replace every teacher they could.

Fort Pickett has been fired on. I warned ya!

Too bad Toledo doesn't even realize what a corrupt and self-serving official they have in Foley. Harner would have been the solution; Foley's very much still the problem.

Let's see where this highly selective following of the NCLB Act leads. I'm hardly complaining about that; it's just that Pickett should have been addressed in this fashion YEARS ago. Foley's timing is purely political and doesn't represent actual DUTY.

I highly doubt there happens to be that many poor teachers in one school. I predict that Pickett will continue to fail even with a whole new staff. If you really want to solve the problem at Pickett would have to get a whole new set of parents. Ones that actually get involved in their kids education. For anyone to suggest that all these teachers are "piss poor" is simply irresponsible and unfair...when in fact...most of us couldn't handle the job of a teacher...

Does anyone really think that "good" schools don't have bad teachers? Its kind of like professional sports, when a team does bad....they fire the coach...even though all the spoiled snot-nosed, inconsiderate, arrogant, over-paid athletes are the ones not performing.

Pickett will see some improvement...only because they can't get any lower....however, they will still be a failing school...because the parents remain with their undisciplined, thoughtless, underfed children...who are more interested in getting home to get fat while playing Nintendo...than they are taking advantage of getting a free education.

...At least somebody on this board gets it. This has nothing to do with the teachers. I can 100% guarantee if you take these exact same teachers to Ottawa Hills, Sylvania, or any other school of the like, scores would go up because these teachers would think they had died and gone to heaven and work that much harder, if that were possible, to challenge and improve their students. The "new" group of teachers will fail at improving the scores etc. because it isn't the teachers, it isn't the administrators, it's the parents, or lack of, I should say. Go ahead and blast me GZ and Jack, it makes no difference because we all know what I say is the truth, and little can be done about it until the entire mindset of the parents of these kids changes, which little can be done about from our end.

tpsteacher24, you're a poster child for what's wrong with the set of teachers in the TPS. You make statements that are so self serving that you can't even see the implications which counter them. You want to continue getting a great paycheck and benefits package, but you never want to be held responsible for work performance ... since the culture of Toledo is that you merit your pay for just SHOWING UP.

Seriously, find another career. If you're this easy to dissect, then you can't be doing much service for us in the schools.

The fatal weakness in your statement is that IF it's true that the suffering of Pickett et al has "nothing to do with the teachers", then we should still get rid of those teachers ANYWAY. They are expensive for having no effect whatsoever. Just privatize the school and get the same results for a lesser cost.

I never denied that parents are part of the education equation. Neither has MadJack. But we can hardly control the parents. Fuck, there are LAWS against what these parents are doing, and that's hardly stopping the trend. What we CAN control is OUR EMPLOYEES -- you teachers. So we're telling you to work harder and work smarter or sharpen up your resumes for your eventual unemployment walk.

of course they would do great in Ottawa Hills because they can identify with the parents and the students. They don't identify with the parents at Pickett nor do they identify with the students. If a child threw up on her/himself at an Ottawa Hills school, they would not put the dirty clothes in a washer at the school and wash the clothes and then send the child home in different clothes. No, they would notify the parent first.

If being at Ottawa Hills would make a teacher think she had died and gone to heaven then that is where that teacher belongs, with their own kind!

Apply at Ottawa Hills and good riddance and the same goes for you.!


Just wow.

What exactally is their kind?

What kind of teachers do you want at Pickett?

Only black ones?

Or can there be hispanic ones?

Or are you wanting only people who live within a few blocks of the school?

How do you choose the "kind"?

Isn't that segregation?


Teachers that do not have working home or cell phones if a child is ill. So most children sit at school all day ill because no one can reach the family.

Teachers that send their own children to school dirty and hungry, because they do not have enough food or laundry mat money for the month.

Teachers that live on very little means and some battle physical, drug or mental abuse and caring for their children is a low priority.

Teachers that learn to munipulate their world as a means to survive..........

Teachers that have to make choices between food or gas and electric for themselves and children.

ShalI continue?

If Pickette was filled with their "own kind" it would be a cycle of life choices. However, having educated good caring, empathetic, loving, considerate teachers at Pickette is not going to change the fact that these parents need to "step up to the plate" and take the parental responsiblity of these children so their educational life will be enhanced. Our district is filled with positive teachers like this. Changing the teachers will not help, but it is a start to any change for this school!

just that. It has nothing to do with black, white or hispanic. teacher24 stated that the teachers at Pickett if they went to teach at Ottawa Hills would think that they had died and gone to heaven.

if that is the case then they need to go to Ottawa Hills and be with their own kind. I am addressing the one statement from a TPS teacher. Or at least someone who says they are a teacher.

So then what kind of teachers would you recommend for Pickett Purnhrt? Please be specific. Do you want teachers with the same moral and social ethics as the failing parents of the students at Pickett so they can identify? (NOTE: I did not say all parents of and/or all Pickett students are failures.)  If that be the case you are never going to improve education at this school.



 Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I'll take a risk and speak for Twila, and if I'm wrong she can trounce me soundly.

Don't 60% of the TPS teachers just zoom out of Toledo each day to their exoburb homes? That implies a level of wealth OR crediting that doesn't exist in Toledo's solvenly neighborhoods around Pickett, Chase and Fulton elementary schools.

It had been much commented after the Rodney King's officers' acquittal that there is a problem with so many LAPD officers living in the suburbs (which even Jack Ford would say are "Whiter") while having an LA city job. So, what else could possibly be applied to the Toledo situation than to change the bylaws of the TPS such that there are residency requirements for the teachers?

We made all that stink about Harner's residency, after all. What teachers rose up and said that Harner's residency shouldn't be an issue?

{sits back and awaits the inevitable bloodletting}

I'm not about to join in any bloodletting, but I will again speak up on behalf of the many teachers who already had established their homes in other locales before gaining employment with TPS. Those teachers have done what they needed to do for their own family situations, and that sometimes means commuting from as far away as Fostoria.

Suzie, a residency requirement doesn't care WHEN you established your out-of-municipality home. The requirement is supposed to be met when you join the organization and must continue to be met while within.

That's what they put Harner through ... remember? And he was claiming he needed to send a child to a school system with specific offerings, too, which EXACTLY matches Sandy's sentiments AND yours. But somehow, a residency requirement should not apply to the TPS teachers.

The hypocrisy here from teachers' advocates is simply astounding ... if I were not used to watching a fortress-like union environment in action, as I see in Toledo.

These teachers have educated themselves and have everyright to move where they wish. If they can afford to live in Sylvania, Ottawa Hills or Mich., they have that right. The choice of living in this city is their's. This does not reflect the abilities of a person.

Sometimes I cannot believe what some of you suggest of TPS Teachers. UNREAL!!!!

Shame on you! I see first hand the diversity they deal with and accept with each student. They love and care for their students and want nothing more for them to succeed.

Working Health care for 15 years, RN's cannot go to school and put all the time, energy and money into a career they do not like. Then to go to work and care for people, who cannot care for themselves.

I am a firm believer in treating people like a member of your family as you care for them. Not only that but treat others how you wish to be treated. Teachers are in the same career path and want to educate these students to the best of their abilities............

I noticed you said nothing about Harner's residency requirement. That says it all.

I'll feel shame once people like YOU feel shame for milking the fuck out of the taxpayers for your poor performance in the classroom.

Speaking of which, if THIS is what you really feel:

"They love and care for their students and want nothing more for them to succeed."

... then it ONLY STANDS TO REASON that the teachers would take responsibility for such poorly performing ENTIRE SCHOOLS as Pickett, Fulton and Chase.

But of course not; that's not your goal. You give lip service and only want the good paychecks to keep on coming while you White Flight out of Black Toledo.

The day of your outsourcing draws near. Enjoy your UNEARNED proceeds while you can. They say it's a "buyer's market" in Toledo. Go ahead and sign some mortgages, since you sound like the stereotypical, middle-classed fool who is destined to drown in debt. You deserve it.

LOL...........GZ you are a character!!! Thanks for the laugh..........

This is an extremely emotional issue. I don't think that it is productive to make such negative, even hateful statements about either the teachers or the parents of Pickett School's students.

The parents in this area face a lot of difficulties that outsiders simply cannot assess fairly. Just as in every individual school area, the majority of parents at Pickett want their children to succeed. Most of the teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff at Pickett were committed to helping those students to succeed.

To have Pickett's students succeed will take a community effort. I hope that this superintendent will show a full and creative commitment to Pickett, something that has been missing throughout his administration. I hope that, if he cannot embrace the GEM Academy model as it was outlined by Fran Lawrence, he adopts as many of its features as possible. A lot of research went into designing the GEM proposal. Why not take advantage of that? WIth the right programs in place, Pickett's children can do better. They are a part of our future. We cannot afford to dismiss them.

Most of the Pickett teachers and paraprofessionals have worked extremely hard and care greatly about the children to whom they have given their services. They will have the right to apply to be part of the new staff. But who can blame them if they do not apply? Just read the vitriolic comments from people who have no idea what it is like to teach children who face such great challenges in their lives every day. I understand that the principal will not have the right to apply to be the principal of the redesigned school, however.

We may not all agree about what has happened at Pickett over the last 20 or more years. We may not all agree about who or what is to blame. Can we all agree, however, that it's time to put the past behind us? Can we all agree that the labeling and name-calling are unproductive? Can we all agree to unite to build a better future for the students at Pickett School? Or do we want to just try to keep winning a debate?

Dale, we can't unite since you unionists have already united against the public in order to secure wages and benefits that no longer make sense for your profession and performance.

Until you unionists relent in your unreasonable demands for pay and healthcare and vacation and sick time and all the rest that we REAL WORKERS are progressively not getting from the REAL ECONOMY, there can be no uniting.

My goal is continue winning the debate until you teachers and administrators either:

1. Stop just collecting your paychecks and start producing real students despite their environmental handicaps.

2. Go away and get replaced by much cheaper babysitters since that's much of the service you're providing anyway.

Remember, in a COMPROMISE, both parties have to give up something. The teachers and administrators are refusing to give up ANYTHING. Therefore no compromise is possible here. YOU are the problem. WE are the solution. win the p---ing contest.
Does that help solve any problems?
It's such an easy job!
I don't see you signing up to be an "overpaid babysitter".
Why not?
Why not start your own charter school?
In Ohio, anyone can!

I only starting in the winning. Winning the debate is not enough. The system must change in line with those winning arguments. That's just not happening, and the NCLB compliance actions recently are really only a similar beginning.

What will help to solve the problems is if people like you stop being obstacles and just embrace the change that must happen. Either that, or stop being complacent paycheck-collectors and actually teach the students in Pickett et al, and do all that despite the environmental challenges. After all, you claim to be educational professionals, right? You're trained to teach children despite challenges that oppose you, right?

As for starting my own charter school, no thanks, for two reasons:

1. I already have a career. I don't need to change my career to function as a citizen.

2. I am starting my own charter school in a sense, in that I support the NCLB Act and other progressive actions, that will eventually destroy the union blockade in our public school system and implement a functional or cheaper system in its place. In effect, my political support to privatize the TPS equals opening a charter school.

Dale, you may as well just admit that I'm right. Why not join me in working for real change in the TPS before you just get your pink slip and have no other option than to move to, say, Arizona? Ohio is falling into a fairly deep, economic pit and there just isn't a comfy teacher's job in your future. Instead of resisting the clear evidence and end up being road kill in the process, why not join now and make your own, personal preparations for the new order? Be involved in the change, instead of being the victim of it.

Unions in Toledo must die eventually, since they serve no purpose towards enhancing value. Scrabbling for pay and benefits while they're here is a short-term problem with a lifespan. The future is one of a public with little money, and it can only result that that public can't afford your type of school system. So it must die. The wise man sees these sort of things and adapts for them.

I was in retail business for 15 years before I became a teacher. I met people from all walks of life. I met none who were more dedicated to what they did as an occupation than teachers. Since I started teaching, I have met no teachers who work harder with less support than teachers who teach in traditional public schools in urban centers.

You are planning for the United States to fail. I can never agree to your scenario of negativity. You don't respect teachers. You don't believe that teachers care. How sad for you!

If we truly want to improve the economy in the long run, we need is to elevate the profession of education so that people will not want to run schools that babysit on the cheap. In Japan, in China, in India, throughout Europe, governments are investing in traditional, free public education. In Europe and Japan, teachers are highly unionized. Workers in unionized auto plants in America, run by Japanese companies, produce fine products. Many U.S. autos produced at unionized facilities are fine products, too. I only drive American cars. I do research before I buy, and I'm never disappointed with these union made products. By the way, Ottawa Hills teachers are unionized, too. Unionism is NOT the problem.

I knew a retired doctor from China. When he visited his homeland, he would pay homage at the graves of his deceased ancestors, and at the graves of his deceased teachers.

The best tool for economic development is education. The best way to improve education is to make teaching a profession people want to enter and want to remain in for a carreer. I'm going to throw a statistic at you, GZ. I know that you don't want facts to get in the way of your opinion, but here goes. About half of all of those who enter the teaching profession in America leave within the first five to seven years.

You strongly imply that teachers stay in education because they are so poorly qualified to do anything else. I remember back in the 1980s when the New York City School District laid off 5000 teachers. The next year, after additional money was raised to support the New York Public Schools, most of the 5000 laid off teachers had found jobs that paid more and were less stressful. They said, "Thanks, but no thanks," to the offer to return to teaching.

Teachers have college educations. Most are capable of doing many things well. Most sacrifice to stay in education rather than enter or re-enter other professional fields. The main reason most teachers teach is because they want to help young people have a better future. The only "rich" teachers I know, are those who are married to spouses who have a high paying professional job, or who came from wealthy families.

I'm glad that you have a job. I still don't see why that stops you from changing professions, if teaching is such a "gravy train". Take a leave of absence. Try it! I "made it" in your world. Could you "make it" in mine? I so often wonder what would happen if the greatest critics of TPS really tried to teach in TPS. Why not show me how easy it is? Put into practice some of your NCLB expertise!

if memory serves me correct, if you have a bachelor's degree are you not qualified to substitute teach?

Perhaps GZ could get his feet wet in the classroom in this fashion.

You're right! What a great way to show us so-called professionals how to do our jobs better!

I'd pay cash money myself to witness such an extraordinary event, maybe even spring for GZ's pay for that day (is it $75 or $100 a day for a sub??). It'd be a valuable learning tool (emphasis on tool) for us all....the students, the 'so-called professionals', and perhaps even for GZ. Yes indeed, a real community experience that benefits everyone involved, mostly in the form of comic relief.

Now MJ, I see from a post down below, would be dirtying his hands up at Ottawa Hills, possibly the richest f*cking public school in the entire state, and that would be a tough day, but he could at least venture over to Westfield on his lunch break and shop at Macy's and Abercrombie for some suitable duds to wear while subbing and one of the kids can give him a lift home in Dad's BMW. He might even come back the next time he's called to fill in.

by this statement, "the diversity they deal with ?" You always use this word but for the life of me I don't know what you mean because Diversity means "difference; unlikeness."

So what you are saying is that teachers deal with a lot of "differences." If that is true I think everybody deals with a lot of differences in their jobs. You mean differences in what?

Pickett teachers are not losing their jobs with TPS and Mr. Foley says they are welcome to have the option to fill vacancies. There are 35 vacancies at Pickett. Don't be surprised to see a majority of them back at Pickett.
Some of you apparently feel comfortable passing judgement on their abilities as individuals to teach. Since I don't know any of the staff, it isn't fair for me to say the entire staff is incompetent. I do know a teacher that retired from Pickett just a few years ago and I would have felt honored to have him for a teacher. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Bob, doesn't the NCLB Act pretty much assume the incompetency here? Granted, there might be a scale of reaction that Foley could have selected from. But, the Act does provide for the wholesale changing of a school's staff.

I wonder if there are enough teachers below certain levels of seniority to even allow the 100 (?) staff from these schools to change out for the most part. It'll be amusing to see how many get bumped out of Harvard Elementary into one of the 3 targeted schools.

with the governor, ODE, USDE and others and the TPS District has been out of compliance in implementing remedies from NCLB for years at Pickett, we will not sit idly by while the same teachers file back into the school.

Along with the staff, including the two principals, the washer and dryer must go also.

It is hard to imagine that all 35 staff members at Pickett are totally incompetent. A key player or a few key players can significantly affect the attitude and performance of others on any team. If you know of specific individuals who have failed to perform their duties, feel free to raise hell to keep them from coming back but to paint all of them with the same brush just for being there is totally unfair. It is difficult to perform at any job without proper support from management, and on the other side it is hard to manage incompetence.
I am not sure that teachers with system seniority can bump people from jobs at other schools under these circumstances. It could be with the right principal and removing a few bad apples they could make real positive changes at the school.
The question is, will you tolerate 80% of the same teachers coming back?

"It is hard to imagine that all 35 staff members at Pickett are totally incompetent"-
Excellent point bobthedad! This situation has more to do with the social challenges these students face. If anything the teachers at Pickette are more driven, motivated, empathetic to educate these children to their fullest potiential, so they can break a cycle.

are enforced.whatever the consequences are for the staff. That is why we filed the complaint ,to make TPS compliant.

Personally, it is immaterial to me how the teachers at Pickett fair at getting a new assignment. They had 8 years to figure out what to do! A child who began there in kindergarten is now entering the eighth grade with a failing foundation.

And anyone else who happens to be there. That sez it all.

I thought your wife is a teacher.


That is correct.

that all of the teachers at Pickett should be made to leave the school as was done?

I would like to understand what is is you want to happen at Pickette, other than them getting rid of the washer and dryer and bringing up test scores?

What can we do to enhance the quality of life for these students at home? Do you recognize the social challenges these students face? (not all, but many)

The solution will not be the school teachers and administrators alone...............

so what solutions do you recommend?

was intended to paraphrase your comment about not caring if the teachers get a new assignment regardless of their individual competency. Sorry if I didn't make that point clear. Its also another one of those many areas where we will disagree. How can you expect to ever create a healthy learning environment at any school when you openly state you couldn't care less about the teacher's livelihood? Next time you visit your doctor, auto mechanic, waitress or any service provider be sure to tell them the same thing and see what kind of service you receive.
I think it is a good idea at this point to rebuild the Pickett staff under the circumstances, but I don't understand what took them so long to do it. According to NCLB it should have happened years sooner. Another example of that administrative mess I referred to in an earlier thread. After reading the Blade article it made aboslutely no sense that they would train teachers in the implementation of a new program designed to improve the school, then clean house before there would be any chance of getting test results to see if it worked. Humor me here. What if August rolls around and we find the program was successful? The house has already been cleaned. Administrative mess.
I am not going to sit here and say all TPS teachers walk on water because they don't. They have as much right to be treated fairly in the workplace as anyone else. My retired teacher friend had more than enough seniority to transfer out of the school but chose to stay there, and he was there during at least part of the time the school was in the current emergency status. Had he not retired, it would be not just totally unfair to boot him out with the rest of the group but totally unwise as well to toss away such a dedicated individual. I have personally been through a couple of business department closings and generally they find places for people they really want to keep. For the others it is a very efficient way to cut them loose without having to go through the hassle and mess of firing them. If they are serious about fixing the school they will recruit a very positive but discipline oriented (if you can't find Joe Clark, Morgan Freeman will do) principal with demonstrated experience at effectively handling the types of challenges a school like Pickett faces, provide incentives for at least a handful of teachers with similar qualifications to set the tone, then likely rehire many of the Pickett teachers that want to return.

I like your idea of a charter school without walls. Whenever you present a challenge to the status quo you are told to "run you own candidate" or "start your own charter school." We took the advice and ran three candidates. Two won and then the status quo got mad. The superintendent resigned, we got a new regime and life goes on. It is people like you who read the message and take heed and try to inform the rest.

I read in a book somewhere that some people who go into teaching after graduating and becoming a teacher find out after being in the classroom that they don't even like children. Could that be the reason so many leave (according to you) after 5-7 years?

It is hard to imagine that all 35 staff members at Pickett are totally incompetent

It shouldn't be. The place has been in Academic Emergency for eight years. Do you have any idea how bad things have to get and how long they have to stay that way before the government will even consider evaluation? For the last eight years kids have been leaving Pickett and they are unable to read.

Take a leave of absence. Try it! I "made it" in your world. Could you "make it" in mine? I so often wonder what would happen if the greatest critics of TPS really tried to teach in TPS.

Why don't you just invite us in for a look at your class? We'll sit quietly in the back and take a few notes.

I called Sylvania High School, Northview, and asked if I could monitor a class. They replied that no one was allowed inside while class was in session. Security, you see. So, no, I couldn't watch a class in session.

I called Toledo and received a very short answer, "No. Is there anything else?" There wasn't.

I called Ottawa Hills. The nice lady on the phone thought it was an excellent idea, and I was welcome to come by anytime. She provided me with the hours school was in session and requested I stop by the office. The principal would want to meet me, and I was welcome to monitor all the classes I liked.

Ottawa Hills isn't in Academic Emergency. Never has been. Ottawa Hills welcomes people into the classroom to see what the school teachers are doing. Maybe you see a little difference here, because I sure do.

The teachers at TPS want parental involvement, so long as that involvement stays out of the classroom and supports the school teacher, right, reason or none. Oh, and don't forget to support the next school levy by putting a sign in your front yard.

The general public is still asleep - actually, the general public is catatonic, or the teachers wouldn't have been able to get away with this crap for eight years. Maybe the public will wake up pretty soon and ask to attend a class. Just to see what those overworked, unappreciated teachers do all day.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

So if the chef cooks lousy meals, don't just fire the chef. Fire the wait staff too while you're at it.

you're glad you don't work for me. You'd likely be fired.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

either the advocates for change of which I am one or the ones who want to keep the status quo, the reality is that Toledo, Ohio with it's substandard school system [for whatever reason, (parents v teachers)] will never rise to the top in the state when it comes to lucrative jobs, meaningful employment, high quality living standards,etc.

Property values will continue to plummet, crime will escalate, companies will continue to move, shut down and lay off permanently (like Toledo Texileather), your children and grandchildren will leave the city for cities with higher performing schools.

There are two choices, batten down the hatches, buttress the fortress or start working together to make changes in the school system. Too keep saying that the schools are good it is the parents and the students who are bad is not going to cut it anymore. The parents and the children are the reason there are schools and teachers. Get rid of the children and their parents and you won't need schools with teachers

There is no pretty face to put on Toledo. Either the school system changes or the city becomes a huge skid row.

I am sure everyone can agree with that.

Status quo clearly ain't workin. But change for the sake of change is a mistake. The students deserve better than what they have been getting but they also deserve better than a new crop of failures.

Put a help wanted sign in front of Pickett school and make sure you tell the new candidates the school has been a failure for however long it has, parental support is likely to be low and we threw out the last group without any consideration of individual merit.
What kind of candidates do you think you will attract?

I could fertilize one hundred acres with this. Consider:

Status quo clearly ain't workin.

You don't say. What was your first clue, Sherlock? Eight years of failure?

But change for the sake of change is a mistake.

This is a non-statement. It's noise. No matter which was you look at this situation, the one thing Pickett is not going to have is change for its own sake. At this point any change at all, even if it's wrong, cannot make this situation any worse than it already is or is guaranteed to be if the status quo is maintained.

The students deserve better than what they have been getting but they also deserve better than a new crop of failures.

Another non-statement.

Put a help wanted sign in front of Pickett school and make sure you tell the new candidates the school has been a failure for however long it has, parental support is likely to be low and we threw out the last group without any consideration of individual merit.
What kind of candidates do you think you will attract?

This is most outrageous perversion of the truth I have read on this thread to date, and maybe this year on SwampBubbles. Acting on behalf of the public school teachers, the teacher's union prohibits merit raises, prohibits parents from monitoring classes and values seniority over and above all else. Not job performance, seniority.

Given those facts, you have the unmitigated gall to even mention consideration of individual merit? No wonder Pickett is in academic emergency. If you are typical of public school teachers, then the real miracle is that the entire Toledo Public School system isn't failing as a whole. Little wonder that parents are choosing alternate methods of education.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I am not, nor do I profess to be a teacher. I don't know a single current Pickett teacher (prior to the recent action). It isn't gall, just common sense. It isn't about winning this argument, it is about what is necessary for the long term success of this or any school.

Besides, you fired me already. Happy farming.

Are you sure about that?


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I am now. That isn't a merit raise. A merit raise happens during a job review, when your manager tells you that your performance has been stellar, and as a reward for your outstanding performance your salary - your base salary - is being increased by some amount. Your peers aren't getting this raise. You're getting it because you're doing a better job than they are.


Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I had a boss who never gave annual reviews because the company handbook required at least a 1% cost of living raise upon completion of an annual review. Instead, everyone sat down with the boss each year and had a "career path discussion".

At another job where our performance rankings were based on a scale from 1-5, my boss told me not to give any of my employees a 5 because it would make them complacent.

Even dumber: Self Appraisals

Here's the truth about performance reviews: They're a pain in the ass to do and little to no effort is put into them by supervisors. Most managers give their employees an above average review unless they're trying to get an employee fired. Employees are rarely rewarded for talent, while brown-nosing suckups effortlessly climb the org chart. Unfortunately, the amount of time spent shooting the breeze in the boss's office is proportional to your annual salary increase.


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

The Toledo Journal has a great article on the school. You can read about it at:

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