Maryland Students Must Learn About Islam

They forgot about seperation of church and they are dumbing down Islam's it doesn't sound so bad.,2933,364362,00.html

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Notice no outrage posted in response to this article?  Had it been about adding something to their textbooks teaching about the influence on society from the Ten Commandments, or the belief of the Creation of the Universe by God (by the majority of the world), the entire Left Coast would be having cows commenting outrage over the terrible offense.  It just amazes me sometimes.  

Legit question--am I supposed to feel outrage over the fact that the subject of Islam was in the textbook? Or that people are disappointed that the word "jihad" was defined literally, rather than the biased way some want to see (i.e. "bloodthirsty violence by savages against the good, pure people")?

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I think you know very well what my remark was about despite the sarcasm, but I'll go ahead and answer.


You aren't "supposed" to feel anything you don't want to feel, but I do find it highly ironic that the many bloggers here (and on are often very quick to jump on the separation of church and state issue especially if it involves any aspect of Christianity in schools, let alone in textbooks. You have to admit it makes said bloggers a little less credible when it comes to their sincerity.


I would ask you, is there any outrage at all or any opinion of opposition to having any religion in public school textbooks?


For the record, I don't want my religion taught in public schools either. The secular public schools system is the last place I would want to have distribute information on my beliefs.   Laughing

I agree--I don't think that religion should be taught in public schools.

Let me ask you a question though. If the subject is history, for example, can you cover the Crusades without saying the words "Christianity" or "Islam"? Can you teach about the concept of monarchies, without saying the phrase "divine right"? Can you teach about Galileo's findings without mentioning his controversy with the Church?

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"...if it involves any aspect of Christianity in schools, let alone in textbooks."

Wonder why that is?

Maybe because some of the one faith want it published every where and the rest are content to let people find their way to the faith they choose.

When was the last time we read or saw any reports about a Cantor or Rabi wanting to bring a Torah into a school?

It seems pretty inconceivable to me, that there would be allowance for other faiths, when so many clamor for just one.

I would have expressed outrage - but my computer died days ago.

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