How Liberal Health Care Would Kill Ted Kennedy

Great article by a physician who exposes the problem with universal health care.

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In pushing for government-run health care, liberals are pushing for a system where only the Ted Kennedys of the world can get cutting-edge - and life-saving - care.

Which is very similar to the system we have now. Them that has, gets. The major difference is that our federal tax dollars can be spent trying to kill devil worshiping, WMD bearing gooks in the middle east instead of supporting fat ass government bureaucrats, politicians and clerical staff here in the US of A.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Well, maybe we could learn from other countries mistakes and come up with a universal health care that works. Not saying it would happen over night but I still think that someday it could be possible.

John McCain would not even be covered under his own plan. But ironically, he has had gov't healthcare all his life.

Pink Slip

Yep - from the moment John McCain was born, to the moment he dies, all health care for him has been provided by the the US governement.

He's seem to have done OK by it....

It's good enough for him, just not you.

I worked hard, went to college, got a good job that includes pretty nice health benefits. If others choose not to work for it....I shouldn't have to pay for theirs as well as mine. I will actually end up with worse health care if we go universal.

We all make choices in life and live with the consequences. Sorry if I made better choices.

I'm not a fan of most universal healthcare proposals. But kooz is obviously clueless about the healthcare market.

You should probably edit that to read... "got a good job that includes pretty nice health benefits.... for now"

God forbid you lose that good job and health benefit and have trouble finding a new one.

I worked hard, went to college, got a good job that includes pretty nice health benefits

So if you happened to get laid off from that 'good' job because your company was downsized or bought out, there go those health benefits you 'worked so hard' to obtain and your next job may or may not come with all the sterling benefits you had before.

Point being, not everyone who has lousy or no health care is the lazy schmuck you portray them to be and beneath your 'accomplished' station in life.

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