Editor in Chief Michael S. Miller of the Toledo Free Press: Love is in the air between the Toledo Blade & Jon Stainbrook

Troy Neff Show: That's what Michael Miller said about the strange relationship developing between The Toledo Blade, Republican activist Jon Stainbrook and Tom Troy. What do you think is going on here?

Editor in Chief Michael Miller Interview

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Courting JR and Allan Block is about the only thing the "Stained Reputation" can do to regain prominence. He'll have to support Toledo-style Socialism, however. How can THAT possibly be sold to area Republicans?

He seems to want to be in charge so badly that he will do anything to get it. I can tell you first hand that he is not converting dems. He is trying to use his dem friends to help obtain power. I'm all for change in the Lucas County republican party. But, JS is not the man to lead the effort.

I can see what you mean. People whom I trust have well informed me that The Stain is just in it to accumulate a personal fortune. Admittedly, he's doing the right thing ... instead of working for a living, he wants to be at the public trough. His tactics are probably in line with what you said. We'd be perfectly demented to support him ... yet again, he's in the right place for access to a demented body politic.

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