McConnell-Hancock files for divorce

Maybe Karyn is just faking it again.

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What a fucking loser. I bet this is all a fraud to setup a claim of hardship for her embezzlement case.

I'm glad she's not on Council. We really dodged the bullet with that one.

In the Blade article KM-H lists her living expenses at $4,000 a month, yet she claims to be living with her parents. That's her, plus two small children.

Heck, my six-person household just barely approaches $4,000 a month in expenses, and I've got a $1000 a month mortgage, with no mommy or daddy to subsidize me and my family. Sounds like KM-H needs to do some budget cutting, unless some of that $4000 a month includes payback to the IRS. Maybe she should sell the Mercedes and the Chrysler 300 (or both) and drive a hoopty-ride like me.

She also cites "extreme cruelty" which - though it is a common legal term in divorce proceedings - might be expected under the circumstances. Assuming Bishop Hancock was not part of the disappearance plan, Karen should expect that he would be royally pissed and something less than pleasant after her stupidity.

I can't recall when a local person so completely screwed up a life worse than this, unless you count Tom Noe, but I suspect he's at least got a couple million hidden away somewhere, and heck - all he was convicted of was being a slick con artist.

When Noe gets out (probably after 10-12 years total), he'll still have some opportunities, or some friends in low places, since he avoided deliberately taking a ton of people down with him. KM-H now looks like a total flake, on top of being untrustworthy and a thief, and I can't imagine what she could possibly do for a career after this besides waiting tables or factory work.

approached that much, I would be in foreclosure. You could easily live in that amount if you WANT.

She keeps tossing her life away at each turn.

I feel bad for her kids...they might be too young to comprehend it all now, but they still have to be affected by that sort of dysfunction.

And let's not forget that she abandoned her son when she faked the kidnapping. (Unless her husband was in on it, but there doesn't seem to be any indication of that.) Takes a lot of nerve to file for divorce and full physical custody in that situation. Especially since she might be going to jail anyhow.

She didn't pick up her kid at day care the day she ran away from home either - no warning or alerts to anybody to pick the kid up, so her child had to have been stressed out (watching the other moms come to pick up their kids). I find that dispicable that a mother could do even that.

Extreme cruelty - her husband probably just said what he thought about her kidnapping stunt & her feelings got hurt - he probably just spoke the truth karyn. He sure came off sounding like a devoted hubby to me when she was missing. Tried his damnest to cover her ass for the media.

$4,000 a month living expenses - that does not cover a mortgage payment or utilities, right? If not, then she's living pretty well.

to raise a child to become such a douchebag cheating and lying thief.

Now after we all see how effective the Judge's parenting skills are, he's bringing his baby home to protect her.

You can expect Karyn and her daddy to play off the sympathy of this drama for the rest of her extortion cases.

She left her kid in day care without even having the parental decency to deal with her child before stealing off into the night for some past relationship in Atlanta and she wants total custody? Personally knowing how corrupt the juvenile system is, Jack Puffenburger, you can expect Karyn getting her wish.

I must have missed it in the Blade article, is she a Democrat?


I thought with the new trash tax that this piece of garbage would've been picked up and taken away already?

And yeah, bph, she's a Dem.

merely signs the paperwork......................... making adoption official. There are other judges and magistrates who have corrupted the juvenile system. I could name a few, starting with "retired" Judge Ray.

but I lost any rights I may have had to my only child, including my name, in Jack's court.

Her family, including Marti Felker, former Police Chief, tap danced and purjured themselves and still I lost access to my only child that was stolen from me in 1989.

Even with my child being stolen from me and drug across the country, documented and presented onto the court, it was not even considered when he made his determination.

Nope, Jack is amongst them in my book.

a meat fork in my eye than have a conversation with you on a blog.

It'd probably be easier just to NOT RESPOND to someone you dont want to converse with, but you go ahead and have fun forkeye.

it's crystal clear where you really stand anyway.

Shame you'd rather attack people with topics unassociated with the thread, as in "responsible parenting" and foster care, yet avoid any questions on topic you find "uncomfortable" or reveal your hypocracy that are on topic.

Yeah, I figured you'd allow Karyn an exception to her flagrant child abuse displays.

Poke deep.

Before the good bishop pays a penny for child support he might like to ask for a paternity test to make sure he is obligated to make child support payments


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