S.D. county approves rezoning for new oil refinery

ELK POINT, S.D. (AP) — Voters in this mostly agricultural corner of the Midwest have approved a proposal to build the first new U.S. oil refinery in more than 30 years.

Union County residents voted 58 percent to 42 percent Tuesday to endorse the rezoning of almost 3,300 acres of pristine farm land north of Elk Point for the oil refinery.

Texas-based Hyperion Resources requested the rezoning for the $10 billion refinery, billed as a potential step toward national energy independence. The proposal has been a contentious issue in the southeast corner of South Dakota, with supporters citing economic development benefits and opponents voicing environmental and quality-of-life concerns.


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It's been long rumored that Marathon had some involvement because of land purchases by a former Marathon executive, but that appears to be false. However, I wouldn't be shocked if Marathon buys Hyperion to gain control of this project once it gets started. It's located on the future TransCanada Keystone pipeline which will funnel Albertan oil into the US and obtaining permits for new refineries is nearly impossible. If the permits are approved and ground is broken, Hyperion would become a prime takeover target for any of the supermajors looking to expand their domestic refining capacity.


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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Except that major oil companies aren't really looking to expand major refining capacity.

Don't know if the company qualifies as a major player or not, but;

"Marathon's estimated $3.2 billion Garyville, Louisiana, refinery expansion project will increase the crude oil refining capacity by 180,000 barrels per day. Completed in 1976, the Garyville refinery is the last grassroots refinery constructed in the United States and has consistently been ranked as one of the most efficient refineries in the nation."


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