Has a presidential candidate sang "We're strong for Toledo" before? Obama won't

While you may say McCain is old, I don't think Obama or Kerry has ever song the song about Toledo. This story, which I mentioned last month or so, showed up in the New York Times today.

That was clear on a recent morning on the McCain campaign bus, when the candidate summoned Fortune’s onetime “most powerful woman in business” to sing to him and an audience of reporters in the back. The selection was “We’re Strong for Toledo,” which Mr. McCain had heard from Ms. Fiorina at an Ohio fund-raiser the night before.


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Isn't that the song Carty is going around singing all the time? Maybe it's just the perfered song of out of touch old men with anger managment issues...

But her full name is Cara Carleton Fiorina and she did a awful job running HP. Maybe "We're Strong for Toledo" is the preferred song of terrible administrators named Carleton.


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