Local company recognized nationally!! Nothing mentioned here in town...



Anybody every watch crazy investment guru Jim Cramer on CNBC's Mad Money??

He's just lovin' Owens Corning. And with all the talk about how Toledo will be "The" city in the country when you're talking about wind energy, I wonder how come none of the media ever explored the fact that one of the major players in the wind energy biz is headquartered right here in Toledo?

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That guy is a riot! I didn't see the particular episode you mentioned, but get a kick out of his show in general.

He's as crooked as Czarty is crazy. If Toledo was set to be "the" city for wind power, then we wouldn't have 2-3 generators running near BG as the only examples around here. We're right off Lake Erie, which is very shallow. Toledo could take any number of wind-turbine plans and have installed hundreds of them by now. Note that instead of 100s, we have ZERO. And ZERO is about as much sense that Cramer makes. He seems to give advice purely on the basis of drunken speculation, perhaps spiced with a few phone calls from companies and industries looking for damage control.

Cramer obviously knows nothing about the Toledo area. And that's how he apparently invests -- by knowing nothing. Toledo is only set on being "the" city for cloning Detroit.

You don't see FirstEnergy wowing the rubber-stamping PUCO with wind-turbine plans, do you? It's just not going to happen around here. FE only wants to milk as much as possible from the locked-in customer base of Depression Ohio.

GZ - unless I missed something, I didn't see him endorse Toledo or proclaim Toledo as the future of wind energy? He was talking about the future of Owens Corning as a national corporation.

It happens to be headquartered locally, of course, but endorsing a local company isn't the same thing as selling the city of Toledo.

(And I don't take his word as gospel on investments, of course...I just get an occasional chuckle out of him.)

I could give a shit about Jim Cramer - I just wanted to bring to light that a local company is a big player in the wind/energy thrust. I didnt say that Cramer said anything about Toledo at all - that's Carty who's doing the talking.

All I was really talking about was OC, not Cramer Or Toledo, other than the fact that no toledo press has had much to say about OC's involvement with wind energy globally and nationally - if Toledo/Lucas chooses not to take part in any wind energy programs, OC will still have involvement with people who do.

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