Groundhog day? Another Irony Award goes out to Stainbrook

I thought I read this story before in the Blade :)
Stainbrook wins another Irony Award for the few things that made me chuckle:

"They were standing at my voting location, they're handing out literature saying Riley Troup is the endorsed Republican," Mr. Stainbrook recalled. "I was devastated. I was hurt."

What about the Old West End people getting phone calls saying their candidate was endorsed by the Lucas County Republican Party...(long pause)...grassroots coalition. Listen at:

Jon does not sound devastated making that audio recording, unless it is a Stainbrook impersonator. Maybe it was the Lucas County Republican Party...................grassroots coalition that endorsed the candidate, he just did not wait to hear the long pause - lol.

Second thing:
"If they don't like you, they take you off the mailing list. They didn't invite me to meetings, they took me off the mailing list. The same thing happened under Bernadette Noe," Mr. Stainbrook said."
He attended some central committee meetings last year. I think he got the mailings just like anyone else.

Third thing:
Mr. Stainbrook flatly denies having worked for Democrats, a claim other Republicans have made against him. He said he is friends with Mr. Ford's wife, Cynthia, and has helped on some of her projects, but not on the former mayor's political campaign.

An article himself says he helped Jon Kerry. The Blade is good at fixing their online version if there was a retraction, it happened to me once. There has not been a fix to that article in 2 years which makes one believe they can't edit it because he said it.

Troy Neff also talked to Bob Reichert this morning. You can listen to that at:

Now if someone would like to intelegently debate what I said, I am all up to it. But I already know what the some of the posters are going to say or do, so I will respond to those who make intelegent statements and arguments.

Read the full article on the story at:

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