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I must be in a good mood, because I had a lot of chuckles today. Don't you think it is funny when Carty says he wants to form a committee to study the Intermodal? First that says, he is not an expert on intermodals and needs to assemble some, which means why is saying some place is better than another? Who is he going to assemble who has not talked in the Free Press or on WSPD? Also, Carty says that he is going to pull reports at all of these different organizations (like RGP, Port Authority, etc) and make a recommendation. If the reports are already done, why not just spend an hour or two reading them? Why form a committee? Don't you think James Hartung already knows about them? Why not just listen to what they say?

Michael Miller has some things to say about it about how poor the mayor's response was on the Intermodal at:

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Yes Chris I think it is funny. But all committees that Carty assembles have been or will be merely "kangaroo" committees. These committees know ahead of time what the mayor wants and merely rubber stamps whatever it is the mayor is proposing. If they don't, then they will either be gone, replaced or called names and insulted or told: "Sir, that's just your opinion, I'm the mayor end of discussion, next question please."

All throughout history, all tyrants, megalomaniacs, demagogues, and paranoids have done this to some degree--including the mayor. The results are always the same, "mistruths, half-truths, and outright lies". Ironically, those are the very things that the mayor says he's against yet they are the by-products of his methodology,

but he needs to look at the big picture. And he needs to get beyond his hate for WSPD.

Are very involved.

Too bad the private sector is not.

The railroads have said in comments why they do not set up in the Toledo area, regarding the decision to set up in North Baltimore.

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