Lima drug dealer gets seven years

The drug dealer whose girl friend was killed by the SWAT agent during the botched Lima raid was sentenced to seven years in prison. Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, the shooter, goes on trial for a misdemeanor next month. Anybody wanna bet that, if convicted, he will serve less time than the drug dealer? War on Drugs, indeed!

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With the War on Drugs, and the War on Poverty, and now the War on Terrorism, we have now created such a militarist government that they can use paramilitary forces against us at will. On the basis of a typo on a warrant, they can kick down your door and shoot you dead for defending your home against such an assault.

This is not a Republic. This is an Empire. And all empires run on Human blood and suffering.

Add to that the economic War on the Middle Class, the War on Drinkers and Smokers, and War on Travelers. The squeeze on the Average Joe is getting so bad that he can't afford his SUV anymore. (Wait a minute, I think I feel a tear coming to my eye. Sniff! Sniff!)

I won't fly by commercial airlines anymore. I must look like a jihadist because I always get directed to the "suspicious" line and get frisked. The last time that happened, the guys was feeling my crotch so vigorously I asked him if he wanted to see what was in there. I proceeded to unzip my pants and all of a sudden four big bruisers were standing around me... as if I had a grenade in my underwear.

I've had it with all this War on Whatever B.S. This isn't the country I grew up in. We won the Cold War, but now we're becoming more like our past adversaries and adopting their values. We are becoming a fascist state in a State of Permanent War. Maybe against our own citizens.

how many sane people think this is OK.

pete - you are absoluely correct, on all counts. (Is that a grenade in your pants or were you just happy to see the inspectors?)\

At any rate, it is not the country I grew up in either, and it's getting worse all the time. This country is overtaken by the nanny-state, ad nauseum, and people bought the bogus propaganda the same way people bought Hitler's. And I don't see it ending anytime soon. I've come to feel apathetic about this country - never felt that way before the nanny's took over. Opened my eyes I think to other things I hadn't noticed, or known about.

that the terrorists have already won the war.

Agreed with the above. The penny-ante street level dealer gets a nice long sentence, making the anti-drug hysteria-mongers warm and fuzzy.

What a waste of lives and untold hundreds of billions of dollars, all to chase a demon that can never be caught: addiction. No matter how many laws are enacted, or how severe the penalties dished out, or how many different substances are banned, a certain proportion of the population will always turn to intoxicants as a means of self-medication, boredom relief, or thrill-seeking.

And with the increasing sophistication of basement chemists and backyard botanists, there will always be ways to create new drugs or breed new plants that stay a few steps ahead of the DEA.

Better to pump money into education and rehab - a much less costly approach - than to continue to spend insane amounts of dwindling tax dollars on police drug units, prosecuting users and low-level dealers, and incarcerating the millions of people ensnared in the business of getting high.

Oh - and don't forget: all these hundreds of billions of dollars have mostly resulted in one phenomenon: driving up the prices of street level drugs. Decriminalization will reduce the cost of these drugs, meaning Missy MethHead and Charley Crackhead will have to steal a lot fewer big screen TVs, recyclable copper tubing, and cars to fed their addictions.

Oh, and with better access to quality rehabilitation? There just might be fewer addicts, as opposed to the current strategy of rehab-by-incarceration, which only works so long as the addict is a) behind bars; and b) in a prison where there is no existing black market for drugs.

Which is to say it doesn't work.

Addicts quit their habits when they get tired of the stupidity and pointlessness of the lifestyle, not because they get caught. Turning them into criminals just gives them another reason to feel like worthless losers, and reinforces their perceived lot in life as hopeless pieces of human detritus.

I'm betting that Sgt. Joseph Chavalia never spends a day in prison. He'll walk, just like all the other jack booted thugs before him.

HistoryMike is right about treatment. The Volstead Act should have taught the government that the citizens of the United States do not like being told what to do, and that prohibition does not work. The legislators didn't learn a thing, surprising no-one. At least, no-one who knows the legislators. Addiction cannot be cured with prison.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

be a lot safer if marijuana was legalized. If a person could go to the corner store and get a nickel bag just like they can buy a 40, juveniles would not be "takin' it to the street" and we could maybe take a walk in peace.

Disclaimer: I don't do drugs or alcohol.

We'd all be a lot safer if all that stuff were legalized and CONTROLLED! The state would make a lot of money and we would all sleep safer and more soundly at night. Get the pimps and zombie drug-heads off the streets!

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