24HR delay in trash?

I heard that people were concerned about the delay in trash pickup recently, for example the trucks coming late at night. Well that occurred in our neighborhood yesterday. Last night they were out until 9 PM. So I thought they got everything yesterday, but just now I noticed the trash truck is picking up trash on the next block over from us, 24 hrs after it should. Last night it seemed like the truck did not know what or where to because it was driving all over the place around our neighborhood even though on our street the truck came by earlier in the day. Maybe they are working out the kinks :) Don't you think it is ironic that once people start wondering about the work hours of the garbage men, that all of a sudden delays start occurring?

One of the reasons I heard they were picking up trash late was because the other trucks are broken, but how much does it take to fix a truck? From the highway, I noticed what appeared to be some new equipment at the Hofman landfill but maybe they are paid through a different budget. BTW I don't care they pick up trash late in the evening.

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I can't comment on the trucks out late at night, but trash pickup was delayed a day this week because of the holiday. Our normal pickup day is Friday, but it wasn't picked up until this morning. They were out at their normal time, too.

I did notice a huge delay last week in our recycling pickup, but trash pickup seems to be pretty normal in my neighborhood.

Trash pick up was a day late here but like Valbee I figured it was the holiday that caused it. I don't know what time they picked it up on Thursday, I only know that it was gone from the curb when I got home from work around 3:30. My only question with late pick up is the mayor says he'll fine people for sitting trash out too early because it doesn't look good sitting around that long, well doesn't that go both ways? It will look just as trashy if they don't come get it right away won't it?

but normally they finish it Friday with time to spare when there is a holiday. I have not seen a Saturday truck until today.

I've noticed trash picked in the last 6 months started to go off schedule. Trash would sit longer and longer by the curb before pickup. There's some slowdown happening in the system and naturally we don't know what it is since it's likely to involve a nefarious reason.

Meanwhile, Toledoans seem to be putting out as much trash as ever. When will we learn? The leaves thing in the Fall is a fucking travesty; missed pickups on THOSE have produced a stretch of street muck around where I live. Literally, it looks like the street is gooped with mud, and it just persists as it rots down and mingles with street oils.

I believe that we're in a long-term degradation plan and the elites are slowly but surely getting us used to being taxed but not served. Slowly, we're going to accumulate trash problems of many kinds. If it happens slowly enough, stupid Toledoans will just accept it. We're GREAT for shouldering increasing insults, as long as each added insult is just a tiny bit worse than the last. Few Toledoans ever try to fight City Hall. And the elites sure seem to know that.

When trash pickups start becoming a 2-day event, don't say I didn't warn you. Perhaps they're cutting staff in the sanitation department. Perhaps those guys are now working 2 jobs instead of 1. Who knows? But the future will be worse. That's a guarantee.

Trash pickup was delayed one day, and the trash trucks were late by about six hours, but the recyclers didn't get to the recycling bins on my street until sunset.

Strange... both trucks are usually out there by 7:30 or 8:00 am in my neighborhood.


The last couple of weeks my trash has been sitting at he curb when I return home from work at approx. 5:30 p.m. Finally at around 7:30 or so the garbage trucks are making their rounds. Maybe it has to do with them working an 8 hour day instead of a 4. I just don't know.


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