Where is Roberta de Boer?

I noticed Roberta de Boer is gone from the Blade. Anyone hear where she went?

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A cursory search revealed that:

It's time to put the balancing act on hold


Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I don't follow. The column talked about balancing work and home life, but also says her daughter is leaving home and is going to college. That suggests The Bore is going to sit in an empty home?

I'm very suspicious when anyone in the public eye pull the "personal reasons" or "family matters" angles for withdrawing.

Her daughter doesn't leave for college until this fall. I can easily see a mom wanting to spend some time with her child for those last months before she heads off away from home for the first time.

As the date of my sons' high school graduation approached, I slowly started becoming a bit of a wreck, quietly freaking out over the "empty nest" idea.

Yeah, I'm over that now. Four years later, I'm still waiting for them to actually LEAVE. :)

I remember reading that column when it first came out, and it made sense to me.

If you're starting to feel sad at the realization that you only have a few months before your baby goes off to college, I can totally understand wanting to make the most of those months. (And, if your child is actually going *away* to college, there can be a lot of preparation involved...I remember the last month or two before I moved off to college as pretty hectic for my mom.)

But GZ, I think its a "mom thing," so it makes sense that you might not understand....one of those things that only a mom might get. :)

(Hell, my daughter just had her last day of preschool yesterday, and I'm already feeling a strange combination of sadness/excitement at the fact that she'll be starting kindergarten in the fall. I've heard that the years just fly by once they are in school. Another crazy "mom thing." ;) )

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