Troy Neff on Fox Toledo: Gas Prices

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I disagree, because if they would not be wasting our money on pet projects, they would have more than enough to make up for the holiday. Thirty dollars does not sound like much but you can still get a nice dinner at Olive Garden and the time you can spend with a significant other is priceless. Plus, for drivers who rack up the mileage like me (30k a year), I could be saving possibly $100 over the summer. Truckers could be saving more. Just my 2 cents.

1) Stop eating at the Olive Garden and visit one of our many great local restaurants.

2) Curb your driving.

What the candidates do not address in the plan is the loss of tax revenue that is used to pay for the repair, maintainence and construction of the highway system.


There are estimated 247,421,120 registered vehicles in the U.S.,


While the candidates play with an emotional issue, can we afford the loss of revenue, give the collapse of the poorly maintained bridge in Minnesota and the many others that need repair.

and let that infrastructure suffer just so you can have a shitty dinner at a chain restaurant. I could cook you and your wife a better dinner for free. OR you could cook a better dinner.

You almost sound more disturbed at the notion of someone eating at the Olive Garden than the high gas prices. lol

I do agree Chris, there is a tremendous amount of waste when it comes to the Highway Bill every 5 years.
My main point was the pandering by politicos.

they just stop wasting our money period then we would not have to

For the record, I used to work at the Olive Garden and still love their soup salad and bread sticks they offer before the meal. I get a lot for the price. Believe it or not I eat a lot. If you make recommendations on some local establishments that can meet the price and amount of food, I would be happy to try them.

Also, I can't curb my driving unless I get a job locally.

Getting elected by any means or saying anything or promising anything.

So what happens then come September? Gas prices jack up higher again just in time for higher home heating bills.


 I can save twenty cents a gallon just by shopping at Krogers, if the candiates want to impress me with lower gasoline costs then its got to be a bigger and longer lasting cut.

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