Swampbubble quirk

There appears to be an error when Swampbubbles loads up using IE6. The far right sidebar now appears below the near right sidebar leaving a large whitespace along the right edge.


I noticed that side bar are set for 415px.

  <!-- Begin Sidebars -->
    <div id="sideBars-bg" style="width: 415px;">
      <div id="sideBars" style="width: 415px;">


Could this be the cause for them displaying improperly in IE6 or is this maybe a browser setting I have to tweak.


Any Ideas?

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the alert, I will look into it. I may need a day or two to resolve it.

and did not notice anything strange. Can you check again and let me know what you see? Be sure to empty your cache.


If it still shows up let me see a screen shot.

Seems to be working fine now. I noticed the issue on 2 seperate computers. Probably something I did Chris. I wouldn't worry about it. I am downloading Firefox and plan to start using it anyhow.


- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

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