Site Updates: HTML Editor is now stable, retroactive bubble points, points for rating content, menu test, and blogs for everyone

I have made several updates to the Web site. First the HTML Rich Text editor is even better than before. If you have not enabled it, you can do so. I am using it now and it is so much nicer. You can turn it on by going to "My Account" , click on the "Edit" tab, then right at the top, there is TinyMCE Rich Text settings. You can enable it there. You can also enable it as you go /or disable it by clicking on the "enable rich-text/disable rich-text" at the bottom of the entry boxes. I currently have it enabled on my account and it is cool to have some nice and quick html editing features. It is now easier to insert images, media and emoticons.


Second, the BubblePoints were retroactive from the beginning of the site. If you notice the number has jumped, and it now refects activity from the beginning of the site.


Also, I am testing out a new menu structure on the account block, you now don't have to click as much to get to places. Let me know what you think.


Oh and I forgot to add, you will also be awarded 1 bubble point for rating content. Assign each story by using the rating widget at the bottom of the story.


Blogs are now available for everyone. A blog is a bit different from the stories you submit because all of your postings will be grouped together and you will have your own blog space. For example, you can see the Unofficial Official Fake Carty Finbeiner Blog: . To create an entry, choose Blog entry from the dropdown list. Unlike stories, you can edit your blog postings after they are posted. The same guidelines for stories apply for blogs, so be productive with them.


Enjoy your holiday.

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A bit confused here. I checked out the Fake Carty Finbeiner Blog and saw all of his postings. But when I checked out my blog, I didn't see anything. It just asked me if I wanted to post something on my blog. I read your comment that "all of your postings will be grouped together" but didn't see mine. Nicht wahr? Oder ist es falsch?

will be grouped together. Your story posts won't be grouped together. But if you wanted a blog and did not want to get one somewhere else, you now have the ability to do so.

I love this WYSIWYG editor! Thanks for adding it Chris. Makes editing so much easier Laughing

Using Iceweasel, here on Debian Linux.

When I right click, which brings up a menu, including a spell check, but with the updated rich text editor, the right click brings up other menu options.

It seems to be disabling or overriding the spell check feature of Iceweasel, which is in the Firefox/Mozilla family.

Turning off the rich text editor restores the browser functions.

Ok, I think I know what is causing it, just give me a few days to resolve it.

and let me know what you see.

Is a fix.


And I can spell ckech, two!



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