Troy Neff Show: Chris Myers & Lisa Sobecki discuss the fact-finder report

Troy and Chris chat about the TPS boards’ decision to vote on the fact-finder report Friday. On the other hand, Lisa is a little more reserved with her comments.

Are they just going to rubber stamp it just to avoid a strike during the school year, or for personal gain?

Chris Myers

Lisa Sobecki

The Blade:TPS board to vote Friday on report from fact finder

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Great Job Lisa!!!!

Sandy, I'm not sure what job Sobecki did. She either defered or could not answer almost all of Neff's questions. So what great job did she do? I'll give her credit on going on Neff's show as it is obvious that he agrees with most of the concerns I have expressed and may be in contrast to her opinions. We will see.

With respect to our district and the teachers, she respected the fact, that the information was not let out into the public and media for her own gain. I felt she answered his questions to the best of her abilities, without telling too much. The public will know when we should. Until then, let the unions, administration and the board members do their jobs!! Tomorrow will be another day...........

All the information has been leaked. Lawrence was on WTOL showing the fact finder report to the reporter on Saturday. Why should the taxpayers who are paying for this be the last to know. The report should be released and she should be pushing to do so - but no. So I have a problem and so should every other taxpayer who will be paying for whatever is negotiated including you Sandy.

Frankly, the board has every right to file an unfair labor practice. One party gets to break the rules...including those agreed during "pre-negotiations".

I have heard you and others talk about merit based pay over and over, but you go in to no details. I have also seen several merit based ideas floated around, none of which would seem to me to be plausible. So please expand on how you think the merit based pay system could work, I would be very interested in hearing your opinion. Also, if you had won the seat on the board, what would your vote be on Friday, and please say why or why not you would vote on the fact-finder report? Thanks.

my ideas/details on the system, don't matter because it needs to be cooperatively designed.

You can see what they have implemented in Denver:

NY Times had an article on some plans:

It will work, because the good teachers will be rewarded. It just needs the leadership to be implemented.

I can't tell you what the vote would be on Friday, because I am not quite sure what they will be voting on. Who knows they may vote on the FF report, they may not suport it, or they may modify it.

But in Denver, their system hasn't produced results. Denver's scores on the CSAP are trending downward.

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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Denver has only had a system in place for a little more than two years. Education reform and the results usually take more time than two years. So conclusions are premature, but technically your comment has some validity. (However looking at the link you provided for the last couple of years shows a mixed picture and does not appear to strongly support a conclusion that the scores are in a decline that precludes a turn upward in the near future. ) The Denver system may not work for many reasons including that it may not be the right model.

Time will tell, but putting incentives in place to improve the results and rewarding those that meet goals seems a worthy effort that should be given time to show results.

For completely avoiding the questions I asked you. As I assumed you would. I ask what YOUR ideas were about merit based pay. You only mentioned it about five times in the ten minutes you talked to Neff, but you can't even throw out an idea or two of your own. I figured as much. Also, I didn't ask what the board would do on Friday, obviously there is no way to know that. I asked what YOU would do, had you been elected. Sorry if I seem a little annoyed by your avoidance of my questions, but I always hear people bang the merit pay drum, but those same people usually have no concrete ideas on how it would work, or can not expand on the concept at all.

I did not ignore your questions, I said that the best teachers will be rewarded, bad teachers will be kept at an even level. Other than that it you have to have everyone at the table and come up with a plan everyone agrees on. How is that avoiding your question? Why don't you offer your ideas on what you would like to see. Merit pay is being implemented in many districts and rightfully so because teachers that deserve the money get paid more money and the ones that don't don't get paid. How is that not fair?

I have not seen the fact finder report, had I been elected I would not have allowed the fact-finder report. But who knows if I was born 2 days later I may be 4 inches shorter.


what was the purpose of Ms Sobecki being on the program is she was respecting the district and keeping information "secret." That is just dumb, she was elected by the public, gets paid by the public with public dollars and she should have TALKED to the public.


She should have sat her behind at home and not been on a radio TALK show, not TALKING!

How silly!

Well the first funny thing you said is the issue of public dollars. Do you know how much a BOE member is paid per monthly BOE meeting? A whole $80.00 per monthly meeting!!!!!!! This does not include all the VOLUNTEER time they put in throughout the days visiting schools, phone calls and e-mails. Lets face it, they are not in it for the money or are they taking much of our tax dollars. Were you being sarcastic again?

Secondly, from my understanding, Troy Neff called her that morning. The information has not formally been released to the public. Therefore, she was responding to respect the public office she holds.

Good job, Chris. You sounded a lot better this time, especially when you weren't trying to stifle your own comments.

School teachers need a merit based salary, both for their own good and for the benefit of the students and, ultimately, the taxpayers. New starting salaries are easy to compute; just take the mode of the current salaries and adjust all teacher's salaries to fit - half above, half below. We'll probably need further adjustments to allow for the school budget, so the salaries of the higher half must be reduced - which is good, because it leaves plenty of room to grow.

No, I'm not being facetious. If these people got paid what they were worth, we'd all be better off.

Mad Jack
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It wouldn't matter if they were paid a dime. It is my dime. They all knew what the pay was.
And if Sobecki was being respectful to the other board members by being dense she should not have answered the telephone.

Keep on Keepin' on!!

It wouldn't matter if they were paid a dime. It is my dime. They all knew what the pay was.
And if Sobecki was being respectful to the other board members by being dense she should not have answered the telephone.

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