Ben “The Pit Bull” Konop gets all fired up on the Troy Neff Show

On a fairly slow news day, Ben “the pit bull” Konop joins the show for his weekly interview. Ben starts to get a little fired up when talking about Matt Sapara’s $180,000.00 salary and the good ol' boy network that makes up the LCIC board.

Ben "The Pit Bull" Konop

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Self - imposed nicknames are always pretty lame, dontcha think?

I called Ben a pit bull. Pit bulls don't let go and Ben is not giving an inch when it comes to the LCIC. Even when I disagree with Ben I respect where he is coming from. I do think he is trying to make a difference. He could have been a dem lapdog. What's lame is your comment. Really, is that the best you can do?

Extra Extra read all about it:

I've been off Swampbubbles for over a month and Troy Neff is still a self promoting (admin edit)



MikeyA, you were gone? Didn't miss you. Will you leave again soon? As a self-promoting jackass at least I benefit financially. What benefit do you get by being a dumbass?

"MikeyA, you were gone?" - Yes I am back in Virginia.

"Will you leave again soon?" - Don't cry for me. They still allow smoking in public places here so by most accounts from this board I'll be dead within the year.

"As a self-promoting jackass at least I benefit financially." - I fail to see how. Maybe I'll ask my financial advisor how loss of listening public financially benefits a radio show host.

"What benefit do you get by being a dumbass?" - What part of my post qualifies me as a "dumbass"? The point where I point out that your lack of talent cannot boost ratings on their own right or the part where I point out that you made the decision to promote your show on a internet message board where your comments are scrutinized much to your dismay.

I am willing to bed that in grade school you're the guy that scribbled "Troy is cool" into the bathroom stall and when another student replaced "is cool" is gay your returned to add "not" in between is and gay and dismissed the other student as juvenile.

You know what it's just easier for me to say that you and your show both suck! If they didn't you wouldn't be on here.



MikeyA, what you and a few other morons apparently don't realize is that I don't give a sh*t whether you listen to my show or not. I don't care if you think me and my show suck. The truth is undeniable. I've built a very successful financial planning firm partly from being on a station "nobody" listens too. That people like you believe I would spend money just to hear myself talk, is what makes you a dumbass. Your posts have no effect on my income and net worth.

your Arbitron rating, Troy.

The more people see you winge and, like myself, get tired of the ass sucking you do on your show (I know because I read the posts in your threads), the less people will be interested.

And unless you want to recoup some of that $30,000 a year investment you put in your show with advertising dollars, alienating your potential audience with combative language just reflects the ambitions you truly have.

I'm sure had you participated within the site instead of self-promoting your investment, there wouldn't be such distain for your show, but alas, what do I know, right?

is welcome to post here. These are issues he posts and as long as if they remain so, I don't see any problems. Besides they are the same as if he typed them out. They just happen to be multimedia links where you need to listen to what the users say, then you can comment it on your own time.

it's your site and all, but as you can see from many of these posts on anything Troy's intern's, or even Troy for that matter, put up, there's no follow thru.

And that's fine by you.

But if you're looking for "credibility", you'd think being involved with what one is posting should be expected, especially to those of us who do participate.

It's one thing for the site owner to post a link to the information, as Lisa does on her site, but it's a completely different animal when the post is by the DJ running his own show looking for free advertising and the only comments comming from Troy or his minions are defensive and aggressive comments directed at individuals, instead of being involved in the thread.

The posts have been about the news so I don't see any problems. If they make comments on comments, that is up to them or who ever does. Just like all of the other posts, the comments can change course so it is up to them to say what they want, if they want to.

Anyone can submit stories here, so this site does not operate as a traditional blog where only the author of the site posts. I do link to items from Troy or Fred when I think they need noted.

I think they serve a good purpose and as long as if they stay newsworthy, it is good.

Troy Brags about his listening audience he has built. Well being that most of his show is broadcast when the other local commentators are already off air I wouldn't say it's because he's that good but just filling a demand where no one else is.

My problem is he rarely ever posts on things other than posts he starts or about his show.

Now Fred, another radio personality, does the same thing many posts but he also comments in threads started by other posters. Hence Fred adds something to our discussions other than just "Guess what is happening on my show".

Following that line of reasoning I can deduce that Troy cares little about the issues and only of the popularity of his show. When he starts posting under others posts or without the heading "Listen to this week's Troy Neff show says Troy Neff" is when I will begin to respect him as a poster.

I come on here to think about my take on issues and be challenged so that I can be better rounded on those issues. Not to be advertised to. IMO ad people are the lowest of the low and deserve severe public humiliation. Troy does his own advertising and thus deserves similar treatment.



It is very brave of you to post things on SB that you would never say in person for fear of getting your ass kicked.
Fred does his morning show and then does research for his program and other related promotions for the station. Which is exactly what he was hired to do and is doing a fine job. What Fred and I do on the radio is a full time job for most. When I'm done I get to go to another full-time job running ARS. And two to three nights per week I'm there until 8 or 9 pm. I do have a family too MikeyA so I make no apologies for not meeting your standards for posting.

Fred's 'comments' are nothing more than sniping at other posters who disagree with something said on his show (Handbanana for ex.) or responding to being sniped at by other posters (Sensor, Pink Slip, someone who goes by 'McCaskey', LOL). He doesn't 'contribute' anything relevant to the discussions in general other than the personal stuff.

There's no significant difference between what he and Troy Neff do on this site...advertise for their shows. Period.

Maggie Thurber, for example, was different. She contributed greatly to this site topic-wise, and in doing so wasn't a total shill for her own blogsite or show on 'SPD.

In fact, as far as Fred goes, he's gone out of his way to mock the 'blogosphere' and sites like this where everyone thinks they 're 'an expert' and people 'hide' behind a fake name. Fred thinks he's above the masses who flock to sites like this, except to self-promote. Then the masses are very useful to his radio ratings.

that I do believe the Intermodal issue is vitally important to Toledo/NW Ohio and WSPD and Fred deserve credit for helping to drive the issue. What's right is right and needs to be said.

And, Mikey, welcome back to SB and glad to hear you and your family are doing well in Va. I always enjoyed our exchanges, even though you were wrong on every single one of them, LOL. Enjoy the holiday.

"And, Mikey, welcome back to SB and glad to hear you and your family are doing well in Va. I always enjoyed our exchanges, even though you were wrong on every single one of them, LOL. Enjoy the holiday."

Thank you McCask. You're one of my favorite posters. You always make me reevaluate what I believe and why and that's a good thing.

I will be intermittently on and off here in the coming months because of job requirements. So I hope whatever contribution I can make will be both unique and helpful.



whenever you can. You always contribute.

Sorry but you listening or not listening does not effect me. I do not need to recoup my investment in my radio show through selling advertising. It is recouped in my financial planning practice.

no name calling.

No name calling Chris, really? Have you read this thread?


but you were caught red handed :) MikeyA should not have name called either. Plus, if I see a name in the title, I am much more clued in than if it is in the body of the comment.

you're using this site to promote a radio show that you spent allegedly $30,000 to WCWA for a prime drive time slot that promotes your financial planning service to your listeners which you hope helps "recoup" that $30,000?.

have you even seen your Arbitron ratings?

and you're calling me a moron?

thanks Troy

Look the radio is nothing more than a marketing expense. Most financial professionals spend money on seminars, ads, mailers...

The bottom line is I don't get paid based on arb ratings. And I have enough listeners that ARS gross revenues were almost a million dollars and net income was in the mid 6 figure range. Do you get in now BRIAN?

I've figured you out a long time ago

take care, Troy

everyone here has some purpose. There is a difference between highlighting stories and abusing. I don't see abuse. We promote many news articles from newspapers, Troy and Fred are kind enough to do it themselves.

What I find funny about Ben Is his hypocrisy. He talks about responsibility from others yet failed to carry auto insurance and caused an accident. Ben reminds me of the boy who took his ball and went home because nobody played only his way. He took his pay increase when the other two did not. On the subject of LCIC, Matt is doing a great job.

Ben took responsibility immediately regarding his auto insurance. He also had no obligation to give up his pay increase. Would you give up a commission increase Larry? Would you all like Ben better if he just voted the way Pete and Tina told him? On the LCIC, Matt may be doing a good job but not likely for much longer since he is basically on loan from the TPA.

Well Troy,
I have taken a lower commission a few time because I care, i'm sure so have you. I understand Ben took responsibility immediatey for his auto insurance, keep in mind so did Tom Noe. It is still illegal anyway you look at it. My comment was not against you, I question Ben and his job. I feel Ben will only talk to media that kiss his but or make him look like he is doing something, and wont ask him hard questions. One of my many problems I have with ben is, I own a building in downtown Toledo 32000 square feet. I had a few questions and wanted to talk him. He never returned any calls. I want to let you know Matt S. from LCIC did and I am working with him and LCIC. I'm sure Troy you can understand my opinion of his work ethics.

Tom Noe never took immediatey responsiblity! He was on WSPD defending himself for weeks, till the mountain of evidence finally crushed him.

(admin edit) bull

I just noticed how you butchered my rather eloquent post here.

too eloquent for the site. Smile

The same guy who wants to use YOUR TAX MONEY for people to buy art?

The one who supports forwarding Toledo's image by extending "domestic-partner benefits to homosexual couples would enhance the region's economic development."?

And you people still give a crap what this moron says?

He is a joke. A laughing stock. People in Michigan make fun of him and Lucas County because of him.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

That's funny, because no matter how bad I think things are here in Toledo, Ohio I can take compfort in the fact that I don't live in Michigan.

Does anyone remember the series of sketches that Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer used to do on Saturday Night Live where they'd play a couple of radio hosts who'd talk about great things like Rice, and Leaves....

Yeah... Good times...

If you want a trip down memory lane, just tune in to Troy's show. Same level of excitement.

Great Billy, nice to know you listen.

Be nice.

Who could forget Pete Schwetty?


Excellent, McCaskey....

Pink Slip

It'sobvious that Konop is way over his head, how old is he, 23? Anywho, he doesn't work well with others, when something doesn't go his way, he takes his dolly, and goes home. I don't even care that he may or may not be gay.

"It is very brave of you to post things on SB that you would never say in person for fear of getting your ass kicked."

I would tell you that in person Troy. Am I afraid of getting my ass kicked? No. I've had my ass kicked and I've kicked some ass in the past. I would ask that if you do choose to threaten me again that you be prepared to back it up. Maybe you should talk to some of your fellow posters off the record about me before you accuse me of doing things I wouldn't do in person and follow it with a threat.

"What Fred and I do on the radio is a full time job for most. When I'm done I get to go to another full-time job running ARS. And two to three nights per week I'm there until 8 or 9 pm. I do have a family too MikeyA so I make no apologies for not meeting your standards for posting."

So you don't comment on other posts because you're too busy. Well when I don't have time I don't post what I don't try to do is waste other people's time because of a bad career choice.



Be nice now everyone.

I am always prepared to back it up.


Yep, like trying a restaurant - if it's crappy one day, give em a second chance. Maybe they were just off... Not the case.

I also listened to this podcast. Which brought to mind the SNL skit.

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