Troy Neff Show: Steven Flagg wants to set record straight

Steven wanted to address the issues on a local blog about the fact-finder report. We have linked Friday and Monday interviews.

Steven Flagg: Monday Interview Part 1

Steven Flagg: Monday Interview Part2

Steven Flagg: Friday Interview

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The best part of this interview was thanking "Steve Steel" for his time !!!!
I am LOL for the irony of it, not laughing at the human mistake! That was GREAT!

Sandy, Troy did not thank Steven Steel or Steven Flagg. He simply used Steel's last name instead of mine when identifying who he was talking with. This can happen to the best of us. So there was no irony here at all.

More telling was his comment right after that. "Do you know how big an insult that just was?"

Actually we had a good laugh about it. The whole interview while on a difficult subject was conducted in a cheerful manner and we laughed a lot. I enjoyed talking with Troy. We would all be better off laughing more. I do it regularly. When I'm not having a good day, I tell myself to smile and things always seem to get better.

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