I am not on 24/7 and a reminder about the flag option


Many times, people think I am sitting on the site 24/7 reading every single byte that passes through the server. That is not true. I have received many comments recently wondering how I allow certain things. I probably only read 30% of the stuff posted here. Some stuff just does not interest me, while other things may. I chime in where I need, and the stuff that is not interesting I just ignore. We are up to 26,000 comments now, 2897 stories, and over the last 1.5 years I would have to spend a lot of time reading every single one of those comments and posts. I agree with things said here and don't agree with them.

This site was really made so you have a way to make your own news site. It is a very democratic, but it is one that I feel strongly in. I think we get frustrated over editorial control newspapers and media have, well this was my chance to allow us to have a say and say whatever we want. And many people have their say, on a diverse group of isssues. If I were to exercise the control over this site that we get frustrated with, then there would be no point. Plus I don't make any money off of the site, but I underwrite the costs so that you can have your say, and not be ignored or highlight the stories that are important to you.

There have been growing pains, and I have adjusted the site with groups and the ignore user function to try to better gear things to you. Why some of you who are complaining are not using more groups is beyond me, but it is available. You really should consider it.

Since I only read 20-30% of the comments, I don't see what is said. If there is inappropriate language or behavior, just flag the comment and I will look at it and see if it is bad or not. But if you don't help out alerting to the issues, they won't be addressed because I probably don't know it is going on.

And lastly, be proactive in changing the site and making it a positive place. You won't satisfy everyone, so don't take it personal if someone does not agree. Don't make personal attacks, and ignore those who do.

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Are you being hounded by people who are upset with things entered here?

If you only read 30%, then may I please post something that you aren't interested in, and then follow with a comment that uses all the swear words that I've learned while reading this blog?

;-) kidding -- just kidding

about and all hell can break lose, until someone flags you :) Then hell will need to be fixed in.

Interesting phenomenon, owning a site and having a name associated with it, while readers identify you with the site and subconsciously assume that you watch every comment being posted.

As a blogger with about three years in, and some 2,200 posts on my main blog, people continue to comment on topics I have long since forgotten about. On an average day I get 800-1,000 visitors with some 30-40 comments (much more if I choose to write about breaking news or political commentary). In addition, I get more email from site visitors than I could ever answer.

Yet people see my ugly mug on the masthead, and assume that I somehow can manage to read every word they send along, as if I am some omniscient electronic demigod who dutifully waits to address every comment - great and small - that visitors leave.

Heck - on a given day I consider the act of locating my car keys to be a major victory.

Anyways, thanks for creating a unique site and community, Chris, and don't let a few cranks get you down. There is absolutely no way to please everyone with a website, and I think you have built a virtual property that has a good deal of merit, whatever its minor flaws.

but over the last couple of weeks, I probably have had more people make comments about this than ever before. This was more of a reminder. Whether it is about Fred or Troy or particular user posts, and most recently the Dixon, gay/anti-gay discussion. Nothing against the users, I just wanted to emphasize this is an open site, and it is the posters that give it the flavor and that flavors can be changed or ignored depending on how other users post or comment.

And be nice people!

Personally I prefer the philosophy of shaping an online community instead of banning trolls and obnoxious SOBs who seem to exist only to insult others. In addition, when a problematic user gets banned, they sometimes start playing worse games like creating new sock puppets, D-DOSing the site, or harassing in real life the users believed to be ratting them out to admins.

I find that reminders about civility are more effective than bans or time outs. Even with the neo-Nazis who sometimes infect my sites, I am better off just deleting threats and vicious attacks than to ban individual users. Pointing out their incivility generally shames them into better behavior, or causes them to seek out sites that cater to imbeciles.

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