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Some belated news: Last week, through your discussion and posting of articles since the site's inception, our Google ranking went from a 3 to a 4. Yes that sounds small on a scale of 10, but it is hard to move up a number and it is a result of the interest that has been drawn here. This score does not raise over night or in a weeks time, but is the result of 6-12 months of activity. So I want to thank you for participating in the site and helping make it a success, because without you, it would just be another Web site.

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And, for the record: any jump in Google rank reflects a geometric, rather than arithmetic, increase in the number and quality of sites linking back. A Google rank of 4 is quite respectable for this type of site, and is an indication that people outside Toledo are turning here for news when something in Toledo happens that is of national or international interest.

this bump does not happen over night. It happens over a period of 6 months or so, so it is a culmination of activity. It just happened to show up last week when they re-did the calculations.

That’s great Chris, good work.
Although, Fred would tell you it’s all because of him. You know, the millions of listeners he said he has. I heard how they do the ratings. It’s a joke and it’s stacked in his favor. I have not seen him posting lately. He’s probably running out of things to complain about. Troy Neff and his listeners must be responsible for driving traffic to your site.

And thanks Goon you seem to be a fan of the show. However, even though our own web traffic has increased dramatically, I think it is everyone's contributions both as to content and posts that is mak\ing this such a great site. My only hope is that people can continue to focus on the subject and layoff the personal attacks.

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