Stainbrook wins the Irony Award

Jon Stainbrook wins the "Irony Award":

"Party activist Jon Stainbrook, who is running for chairman in a party election set for Saturday, said Wack's employment by the party until yesterday was evidence of the party's tolerance for corruption that he said remains from the days of disgraced party chairman and fund-raiser Tom Noe."

Be sure to read Jon's letter in the latest newsletter sent out by Matt Bartow on behalf of Jon Stainbrook (I received this over a week ago BTW) :). Of course this does not mean that Jon is tolerating corruption....right?

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So Chris? Who do you have a thing for Wack, or Bartow?


I think it is hypocritical for Jon to be affiliating himself with Bartow. If he wants any credibility, he needs to take a public stand against him and disown him. But he does not, and is working with Bartow, which means he himself is tolerating corruption, therefore his words are hollow.

Rogue, please tell me how that makes sense? Enlighten me.

The reason Chris Myers is constantly putting up negative posts reguarding Matthew Bartow is because Chris Myers himself is a looser. He's lost every bid for election that he's ran for. He still holds a grudge against Mathew Bartow because two of the " 3 for change" got elected for school board. It's not Matthew Bartow"s fault that the voting public took one look at Chris Myers and decided they did not want him on the school board capable of making decisions about their children. Chris Myers is a "has been" in the Lucas County Republican Party.

Oh....I figured it was something.

Get over it Chris!!


toss out allegations/personal attacks but refuse to address the issue. I think everyone else will see who is asking real questions and who is avoiding the issue.

I think you are proving my point.

And the issue is, you are desperate to change the subject from Joanne Wack, and her Felonies, to any dirt you can find on Stainbrook.

So far….all you have is bitching about some guy, Bartow? And, now we find out he actually worked for you? Wow!

I’ll bet you have lotsa (ex)Friends.


are you on crack?....bartow avoided a felony by making a plea deal because...stealing money is a crime...and worse from for you to sit there and criticize wack and reichert...and not criticize the stain...means you are either on crack or you are just my book the stain does win the hypocrite award and u 2 r runner-ups.

Mr. Myers it is time that you get past your grudges and move on to the real issues that are affecting Lucas County. Mrs. Wack is the guilty party here not Mr Stainbrook nor Mr Bartow. She did not deserve to be in the position she was in and it was about time someone brought this to light. My 24 year old son knows the fact that you don't steal things to get what you want so her blaming being young was a total disgrace to the youth of today. Mr Stainbrook and Mr Bartow are being criticized for making the Republicans of Lucas County responsible for their actions, you should be praising them not downgrading them because you are part of that old system. I personally don't know the man but I wish Mr Stainbrook all the best on Saturday!

You should read up on Bartow before you say he is trying to make Republicans responsible. You should also ask why Stainbrook is working closely with him, while criticizing Reichert for working with Wack.

To help you check out:
and the link to the actual case below.

Bartow admits to taking money and not doing services less than 2 years ago, no problem
Wack does other things 20 years ago and it is corruption.

That does not make any sense now does it? Feel free to enlighten me Lisa on how there is a difference. I will be waiting. :)

Blade article back at the time as well.

We don't remember days only moments...

I did read up extensively on Mr Bartow and what I read sounds like he was a victim of the Lucas County Republican party too. They filed a claim against him when he himself was getting too close to taking over the party. It is great to know that you have never had to have your day in court, but I do know that sometimes you have to admit to things to take the easier way out in court. I have spoken to attorneys for both sides and have found out that there was no solid evidence against Mr Bartow unlike the case against Mrs Wack. his charges were drummed up by the exact politicians that he helped get elected. Politicians who I don't think will have as easy of a chance to get re-elected. So, Mr Myers I think I have proven the difference between Mr Bartow and Mrs Wack.

Since I was directly involved in what happened, let me explain: Bartow maintained to everyone that he sent out the items when questioned. The only time he admitted he did not was in court. If there was no evidence, why did he admit it? Oh because it is easier. Uh huh. The only reason he ended up in court was because some judges, who he scammed press charges because of his fraud. This conspiracy thing that keeps coming up with you and Jon sounds ridiculous.

Maybe Wack just admitted it to "make things easier". You make as little sense as Jon, but hey maybe that is why you seem oblivious.

BTW who were the lawyers you talked to on the judges side? I would be happy to confirm your story you talked with them. Send me an e-mail directly and I will call them and I will report here if what you say is true. It would be important to verify you did extensive research right?

You don't have to believe what I say to be the truth, it really doesn't matter to me and why would I divulge people that told me things in confidence. I too saw the evidence that one of the polticians who never did file a case was trying to say his calls were not made when there was proof that he himself received one of them. This is not a discussion I intend to continue, I was merely pointing out that bashing Bartow is not moving this party in the right direction. I don't have a problem with Mrs Wack she just doesn't belong holding a position with the party. Mr Bartow has gotten a lot of candidates elected in Lucas County and instead of them thanking him they attack him, the same people who no longer hold offices. As my mother always told me, what goes around comes around!

lisa...tom noe got a lot of republicans elected...but you toss him under the bus...u are officially on crack my friend...u are smelling the bartow and stainbrook farts and loving them....better wash your face because you know what is on it...and wake up.

Is this your alter ego Chris showing your maturity level? It takes a real intelligent person to throw insults while hiding behind a fake name. Not even worth the time it took to read it.

is not my "ulter ego" I happen to personally know vader just like I know oneeye (they just don't like the same person for chair) - I have many friends who are intelligent and don't steal or cheat (the two may even know each other).

First and foremost the issue today and recently is that Joanne Wack has committed and been charged with a felony and does not remember if she has paid her judgment on this or not. I am sorry but in my opinion if I have to pay $6,000+ in a judgment in which I committed a felony, I think I would remember writing that check for the rest of my life. Second, in regards to Matthew Bartow, back two or so years ago when this was going on I remember thinking to myself that if Mr. Bartow’s company had not completed work then this would be a civil issue first and not a criminal action. Also in regards Mr. Bartow’s case, think of this in terms of logic. Would you rather make a deal and pay all monies owed or would you rather spend $20,000+ and win the case and be out $20,000+ with the same result instead of spending less then $5,000. Mr. Bartow was never convicted of a felony and in my mind made a correct and logical decision as most people that go to court do. Make the most out of a bad thing. The Lucas County Republican Party has had some real issues with Mr. Bartow, one of which was made public in Ms. Wack’s list that was sent in an internal e-mail where Mr. Bartow was referred to as a lying, cheating, thief. I now find this very ironic that she would bring this up over and over and over again knowing what she had done in her past with her being convicted whereas Mr. Bartow I do not believe has anything at all on his record. I think it is important to remember Mr. Bartow’s decision to accept the deal and not draw out a long court battle that would have found Mr. Bartow innocent. I think it is time to move on from the “Bartow Bashing” that I have seen in this post and realize that he made a good move.

makes a stronger argument than all of rogue's and mueller's posts together. There is hope!

The fact is that Bartow's damage is much bigger than what it appears. The only reason more people did not file complaints was they did not want the attention or someone else paid and could not join in. Bartow is the only one who knows how much he stole, and if he paid everyone back, then maybe there would be room for forgiveness, but that does not appear to be the case. Therefore in my book, he is as corrupt, worse than anyone that has come before because on how he deceived and failed to admit it (well did in the court). He told me and another person straight up he sent out the items but we know that some people did not get them who should have.

Since this is the case, no one except oneeye, has tried to prove how Jon is not a hypocrite by working with someone who is self-admittedly corrupt. Maybe personal attacks are your way of admitting that is how it is and you want to divert attention.

BTW I have thick skin and don't care what people say. Stainbrook censors comments that are negative, like ones which were put on the youtube site (which is a minus in my book), but hey you can say whatever you want.

I would win other positions if I wanted to, but I chose not to do it. I choose the hardest race, TPS school board, because I thought the payoff for our community would be the greatest.

Now someone still prove to me why Stainbrook is not a hypocrite because I still don't see any arguments proving otherwise. I just see a bunch of people dancing around the issue.

Did that that "Bastard Bartow" ever steal Girl Scout Cookies?

Then we'd have to shoot him......well unless ...well unless he bounced checks at a liquor store....or presented a photocopy of his paycheck to a grocery store clerk....well then... stealing cookies would be okay.

Rogue are on crack too...because you always like changing the, jon, and lisa should go make denial babies...they will be paranoid schitzos...since everyone is out to get them...the police...the judges...the internet...the media...the elections board...beginning to sound like david koresh of waco...could ritual suicide be around the corner...adios

Vader, you sound like you know a lot about crack. You in the business?

Are a former druggie? Or just coming down from last night's high?

Keep defending "silver spoon" Wack, I really like the entertainment.


i defended guys are the can you and lisa and jon live knowing everyone is out to get you...the humor is everyone defending jon...without actually thinking about what is being said because they look like idiots...i run autoparts to auto dealers...i don't do drugs...but the symptoms of a cult are quite obvious....adios

So, you're a reformed crack user? Congratulations!

I could give a care about Wack, I'm just entertained by the fact you HAVE to rip everyone who doesn't agree with you.


Where do yoou get off saying that I think people are out to get me? All I said was that in this one instance Bartow was a target of the Republican party. Aren't we into dramatizing things a little?

That should be blindeyegop not oneeyegop.

You see Dave first of all you will notice that I did not use any name calling in my original post. Thank you as you helped me to prove my point. That shows he entered into a diversion program and because of that he was not convicted and again chose the correct and logical choice. Now to date, I have not ever used name calling or made fun of anyone's screen name. But Dave...unfortunately for me I still cannot use name calling or changing of your screen name because I am a man of principal. I like to take the right road and use only facts in my opinions. I did say I believed he had nothing on his record and to date he still has not been convicted of any charges and therefore his record remains free and clear and he is a free man who has never been convicted!


if someone can explain this one too, I am waiting to hear

Hmmm...maybe Mueller and Wack are working together.

I mean Mueller recruited him, and Wack campaigned for him.

I think it's a sinister plot!!!


Oneeye, how about revealing who you really are instead of hiding behind a screenname?

has said who he was on Lisa's blog. I know who he is and I still have breakfast with him every so often.

Ugh, what a bile-filled thread. A few thoughts:

1. Yes, Chris has "lost" in his attempts to gain a seat on the Toledo school board. So what? Give the guy some credit for trying to shake things up in a moribund district. If Chris just wanted to pad his political resume, he would have picked a more electable party than the GOP in Toledo, or he would have moved to a friendlier GOP district like Perrysburg.

2. By extension, if electoral victories are the measure of political merit, then Stainbrook is also a "loser," right? How many offices has he been elected to, Stain fans? That's right: zero.

3. IMHO: Both Stainbrook AND Wack have too much personal baggage to be effective as chair.


'Both Stainbrook AND Wack have too much personal baggage to be effective as chair'.

State of Lucas County Republican Party?=shambles.

So nice to see they're such an effective counter-measure to the long-established Democratic 'machine.' What a bad joke.

I've seen more relevent drama at my kid's elementary school. "Mr. Principal, Joanie did this.....but-but-but friends of Joanie said Jonny and Matty did that...but-but-but she started, no, they started it....but, she's, no, they're worse...."

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