Wi-Fi Fo Fum... City-wide service is almost done -- at least for Philly

I like my WiFi like everyone else, but if it will drive us to the poor house, well...


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The business model for Wifi would never work in most situations, and then when you subtract the Rusty City Factor, the entire proposal was farce.

Earthlink seems to have been stupid to sign such an agreement, but obviously it was looking to cash out on the deal using taxpayer or investment money -- in other words, the most stupid or desperate money available. Since the stupid and desperate money is is shorter supply these days, the collapse of the deal had to occur.

Just think at how CLOSE that Toledo came to getting stuck in a similar tar baby. Toledo cannot be blanketed with wifi since it costs too much. The spread of broadband will have to take the small steps that the telephone company is obviously still taking (witness those new telco boxes popping up all over the place). The future of wireless isn't here yet. Real Capitalists understand that you have to properly invest, and over time cultivate the investment, so that the future will be profitable.

Wifi should remain for the foreseeable future in the loss-leader and local-use categories it firmly inhabits.

I like my old desktop. I can use the service the library provides if I'm out roaming. If I wanted to invest in a laptop (and was willing to accept the loss of security) I could use the wi-fi at any library branch, or McD's, or Bigby's. For those who wish to do work involving files that need to be secure there must be other options. I remember after I was hit in the rear by another vehicle the offending driver's insurance (Progressive) showed up in an SUV with a satellite uplink that the agent used to file her reports, and send pictures of the damage. So that probably increased her efficiency, and therefor her company's bottom line. So other than making making city services more efficient, what good is wi-fi for most Toledoans? It just seems to be a waste of both taxes, and capital. Can anyone here give an example of their business or personal life suffering because they don't have access to wi-fi in every instance? Of course, maybe like the ubiquitous cel phone we won't know its value until we see in as a part of our daily lives.

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