Annoyance Awards

I am awarding the first annual "Annoyance Awards" today. After several weeks of judging, it has become clear who deservedly should win them.

Barney's BP stations are the first recipient. They have those wonderful(I say nicely) audio advertisements that start when you begin pumping your gas. They are so annoying that the mute button is broken on some of them now from people pressing it too much. Out of all of the times I have been at the station, I have not heard anyone sit there and listen to it; no wonder the mute button is broken. I would like to meet the person who thought that was a good idea.

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Here's a few to consider...

  • Red Light/Speeding Cameras
  • "Do you care to upsize that order today?"
  • Lack of shopping carts at Kohl's
  • Spam text messaging on my cell phone!

    - Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

  • If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

    posters with pics in their signature...LOL

    - Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

    If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

    I wonder if the 'do not call' # would stop that

    I hate those speakers at Barneys! I always push the 'mute' button (and most of the time it's broken) - it's blaring empty noise pollution.

    And while I tend to think if you're not speeding or running red lights, you shouldn't have to worry or bitch about red light cameras - I am fuming over the one on Douglas (by University Hills) - even though it was my own damned fault for speeding & I know that the cameras are there (I usually pay more attention) , because I just got 2 tickets in the mail in ONE week - same damned camera, two different days - $120 each. Been a long time since I"ve had a speeding ticket (or any ticket) - but the last one (s) I got, were from those same cameras, same location - same damned day, coming & going - I got 2 in the same day (hubby doesnt know about them, I paid them. He only knows about one of the new ones - I'll take care of the second myself, what he doesn't know......................................... Do the math though, they made a lot of money off of me over going about 8 miles over the speed limit.

    That same light has screwed both my wife and I.

    Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold.

    Press one for English...

    Press one to check your balance, two to add new services, three to access your account using our new magic touch phone system, or, if you know your party's extension you may enter it at any time.

    I'm sorry, I didn't get that. Press one to check your balance...

    !Hola I mean Hi Senor Jack, why your service are you canceling today?

    Mad Jack
    Mad Jack's Shack

    There's little more annoying than making a service call to the phone company just to have those muthafukrs give you the run-around.

    I know of a guy who saw that a phone line crossing his yard had fallen during a storm. He dutifully called SBC (at the time) and they told him it would be many days before they would come out and get the line out of his yard. He then calmly told them not to worry, then; the line was on his property and he had every right to cut it to get it out of the way. SBC was out there fixing it within a few hours.

    I called AT&T fairly recently due to a line outage affecting my home. The crew called out to fix the lines came and went while I was at work. The problem was not fixed, and a callback of mine had them come out again (where alas, I was at work again). Again the problem was not fixed. At the next phone call, it was revealed that the line workers claimed they "could not get access" to the line. The line connections onto my house are clearly available from the driveway, and then the line crosses another property. The call lengthened ... and then it was revealed that the line workers could not gain access to the yard where the utility pole was located (about 4-5 houses away from me). Then the call got weird, with the service rep insisting that I had to offer access to the pole, but with my insisting to the contrary that I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO OTHER PEOPLE'S YARDS GAWDAMMIT! That was the worst service call I have ever had. The rep kept insisting that *I* was supposed to gain access to this pole, when it was the responsibility of the line crew to do it.

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