Michigan soon to have own smoking ban

Another day more rights lost. Michigan's state senate voted to pass their own form of a smoking ban. All the bill needs is Granholm's signature. All those who thought they could escape Ohio's ban by hoping across the border will soon run out of options. Border bar owners rejoice, high gasoline prices may bring former customers back. Perhaps they will enforce the law as poorly as they do here.

Is there no end to the govt's intrusion into our daily lives ?

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As gasoline price rises so steeply, more prospective bar customers will stay home instead of driving to the bar. In addition, gasoline powers the transportation infrastructure that brings alcohol and food to the bar, which the bar owner must try to sell at a profit. Predictably, those prices at the counter will rise and even more people will stay home.

And finally, the higher costs of heating oil and natural gas will impact the bar's use of electricity and heat, which either has to passed onto the customer or will generally kill the business. (You know what I'm going to say next about passing costs onto the customer.)

At any rate, those rich guys in the legislatures are going to kill or tax ANY activity that the "lower class" (i.e. workers) do. That's part of what these bans are all about.

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