Toledo council delays sale of Erie Street Market

Toledo City Council agreed yesterday to keep the Erie Street Market operating for the rest of the year, but postponed a vote on a purchase agreement to sell the building and other city-owned land for a development that would drastically change the city's downtown and Warehouse District.

Council wrangled last night over a suggestion by Councilman Frank Szollosi to pay the Cleveland law firm Squire, Sanders, & Dempsey LLP $5,000 to review the purchase agreement.

Councilman Joe McNamara, who supported Mr. Szollosi's idea, said it was not unreasonable. "Council, over a number of years, has become less and less involved."

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Toledo city council abdicated it's responsibilities Tuesday afternoon. Despite comments from many on city council that the business plan was "flawed, full of holes, no business plan at all" council members still voted yes. There is no excuse. And today I got an invitation to the upcoming Re-elect Sobczak cocktail party for $50 a pop.

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I've been hearing we keep hundreds of lawyers on staff for the city of Toledo. Why then take another chunk of money and hire more lawyers from outside the city to review what should be a fairly standard property transaction?

We should outsource our councilpeople. We can hardly do any worse, and it should be a lot cheaper.

Detroit only has 81 !

Who do you "hear we keep" that from, GZ ?

I'd suggest that you check your sources.

FYI -Toledo has approximately 15 lawyers on staff -

5 prosecutors in muni court

8 in general litigation

2 in public utilities

... several city employees I know. Thanks, now I have to check my sources. :^(

(That Detroit has 81 staff lawyers is still fairly disturbing.)

Councilman Joe McNamara, who supported Mr. Szollosi's idea

Joe supports Szolousy's idea to spend $5 grand to have an outside law firm look at a contract??

JOE IS A FRIGGIN LAWYER HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!! Why cant he look over a simple contract????

1. Joe would then become responsible when the entire thing fails.
2. Joe didn't become a councilperson to work. Geez!

A lawyer as a member of council reviewing the agreement for the city, lawyers are there own worst client, McNamara may not have experience with commercial real estate law.

Outside review from a disinterested third party could weed out the problems before the pen is put to paper.

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