Troy Neff Show: Ohio State Senator Mark Wagoner

In an exclusive interview, Mark sheds some light on the Marc Dann sex scandal, if impeachment will happen, and the future for the Ohio Democratic Party.

Mark Wagoner

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Hey Everybody!
Just saw the Winter Arbitron ratings in the Clear Channel coffee room. Here something you ought to know: this guy Neff as -0- listeners!
In most demos, he doesn't show AT ALL! Best I saw was a point 2! Two-tenths of a point! Do you brilliant bloggers - and dumbass councilidiots-as-guests realize you are talking to NO ONE?!?!?
And as for any of you who trust your $$$ to this clod, he pays $30K+ to play baby talk show host, pissing away all that money for what? "Ego Masturbation" is the best term I heard - because it is soooo true!
So if you think being on this ego trip is doing any good - ya know like reaching constituents, etc. - you're as dumb as he is.
As your Station AE to verify the Ratings White Space known as the troy E-Neff show.
What a joke.

I guess I'm really getting under somebody's skin.
I love it. And I'm laughing all the way to the bank!

This post was made in bad taste. Chris where are you? They are making fun of a poster and saying we are dummies. I can't do my photoshop thing but this guy can crap on Troy Neff. A guy who adds awesome content and drives traffic to your site. What's the standard Chris?

Fred Grandstanding.
Photobucket I wonder how long this post will last. Would it be better if I put Stainbrook's face on the monkey?


I had nothing to do with this post, and did not even see the numbers until this morning. I am gratified that so many people listen and enjoy what WSPD does each morning. That's my only comment. Nice picture goon, and good work on the website.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I know it might be hard but try not to think everything is about you. I made no assumption that you had anything to do with jes lurkin's post. I didn't take any offense to his post and find it quite funny how little some morons know. By the way sincere congrats on being the #1 morning talk show host!

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