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So I have made a few improvements in the last couple of days, including the ability to log in with your username or e-mail address, a log in screen instead of a generic Access denied page, a new Bookmark feature where you can bookmark the stories that interest you, and the Ignore User option where you can choose to ignore a user's content.

Some details, you can now bookmark posts that you would like to save because they are good or not. To do this, view the story then click on the "Bookmark This" link.

Ignore user - Some of you have complained about not wanting to read a particular user's posts. Now you can do so by clicking on the ignore user link either on the page list or in the story. While the title still shows up and the comments do, you no longer see the post. While it is not the magic bullet, it does help alleviate some of your concerns. While I don't know why you would like to ignore odd news, or the newsmakers on the local radio, you can now do it. Kudos go to LisaRenee about forwarding me this feature.

I also re-arranged the Navigation menu to group your items together, and make it cleaner.

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I didn't expect you to give me kudos, but thank you, it's one advantage that you have by using drupal, it does have some nice additional features. If the message board I frequented years ago would not have had a similar ignore feature, I wouldn't have thought to check to see if drupal did. I know it worked for that board which was on national politics and things really got heated at times with some users preferring to use it.

Personally I just passed over what posts didn't interest me but? For others it worked for them.

We don't remember days only moments...

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