Teresa Gabriel Selected as New Leader of African American Communtities in Toledo?

Carlton Finkbeiner said in the news media that his new Assistant Chief of Staff appointee, Teresa Gabriel, is his bridge to African Americans. Is the Mayor admitting that prior to this appointment he has ignored African Americans or treated them unfairly and now he wants their forgiveness? Is he admitting that he needs to correct the wrongs he and his staff have done to African Americans? Is the mayor saying that this appointment gives him an acquittal of his past sins against African Americans? Does anyone believe that the Mayor is sincere with this jester or is it just a another one of his political follies. I'm not sure what he's doing. What do Swamp Bubbler's think he's doing?

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has a very unhealthy relationship with the black community and with black individuals within the black community. His stupid comments are indicative of those unhealthy relationships.

I thought Mayor Finkbeiner had a very unhealthy relationship with everybody - regardless of skin color (even his wife - I've heard about domestic disturbance calls). This is a man who's thrown a coffee mug at a woman (white), and has screamed at many people (all colors), foul language, etc. I don't claim to know enough of the particulars of about why he terminated these people, but Carty seems fairly equal in his abuse to other people - an equal-rights mayor, so to speak - everybody gets abused under Carty's rule. (and many not under Carty's rule).

All I can say to this is "Chitterlings and Prime-Cut Steak!"

I know it may sound strange, but you will understand it more once you read the editorial on the Toledo View.


Ok bishop - I took the time to read your article. Let me see if I understand correctly - are you suggesting that the black employees that Carty fired were only hired to make him look good? And that, blacks would know that is why he hired them in the first place? (If I were them, I"d be highly insulted & would not have taken the job in the first place. I have to believe that these women were qualified for their jobs, and I am not convinced they got 'let go' because they are black. And, if I understood your article correctly, then Teresa Gabriel would probably also be able to assume she's hired for false reasons & should stand her ground as a proud, educated woman & be furious enough to NOT accept the position. Carty abuses people equally, regardless of color. I personally thought your article helped to create more racial strife, and thought it was highly insulting to suggest that these women were not hired because they were qualified, but because they were black & therefore, made Carty look good. Sounds like you even got a chuckle out of it in your comment above. Those silly black women should have known they were not hired for right reasons? THAT is what it sounds like you are suggesting. Those black women should be furious at such a suggestion. There are a lot of highly intellegent, educated, ambitious black women who deserve to be considered more than 'scraps' to 'massa'.

It's Theresa Gabriel, with H after T. Get her first name right or she'll be bringing some heat on you. Ms. T.G. is a hard ass, has been around a long time, knows who we are, what we do and what we did back in the '70s. This woman is in a position to destroy many lives.
Theresa Gabriel,
Assistant Chief Operating Officer
(and Carty's newly promoted mole)
Watch out now, black Toledoans! I'm coming out to listen to you and take names. Then reporting back to massa. Shit gonna fly if y'all don't ger right.

Patience is a great virtue.

You are very naive, Clarisse. The power barons in America are looking for dumb, controllable Blacks. The smart ones are too threatening. They might do something real stupid, like, run for President!

I received a tip that the weekly newspapers are going to print some very informative articles about Teresa Gabriel's qualifications or lack of qualifications this week.

There are many qualified African Americans in Toledo for many professions, but many, many more leave Toledo and go elsewhere because they can't get a job in Toledo. Toledo is perceived as being very unfriendly to African Americans.

I agree, but the mayor doesn't appear to want to employ or promote the competent black people. He promoted a black Baptist minister, to the position of Commissioner of Water Distribution. The appointee doesn't have the credentials for that position. This seems to be a ploy to keep the Black ministers happy. And, why not. Toledoens have the perception that the Black clergy have all their subjects under control.

What's obvious to me is that Carty thinks that all he has to do is start doing the things he thinks he should have done in the first place and everybody develops Alzheimer's disease, or thinks he's changed. He doesn't realize that most of the people in Toledo can see through what he is doing. In my opinion, he is making these appointments to help him fight the discrimination case the three African Americans have against him. If you go on a web site called PACE you can see the PDF lawsuit papers filed in Federal Court.. This is a very ugly case and an embarrassment to our city.

Chris Myers has been a political and fundraising beneficiery of Theresa M. Gabriel for nearly five years.

Does he think Mrs. Gabriel is unfit for the job?



Theresa knows the city inside and out and I also don't blame her for her boss. Theresa and I are friends, I have helped her on two campaigns and on a few projects, but that does not diminish experiences others have or your opinions on this thread.

Joe Glotz

*****You are very naive, Clarisse. The power barons in America are looking for dumb, controllable Blacks. The smart ones are too threatening. They might do something real stupid, like, run for President!****

What a perceptive and discerning statement! It really put a smile on my face.

We don't have to go back that far in history to see the trend. When Dr. King fought for basic rights for Black people, the power barons didn't like it, but they could live with what he was doing. When he started criticizing the Vietnam War, which was bringing in tons of money for the power barons, he had to go. As long as there are Black people who are so selfish that they will sell themselves into slavery for a crumb or two, black people will continue to be victimized by Whites who want to treat them like puppies.

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