Please Read. My Friends 3 yr Daughter was Abducted!
If you have seen her please contact the local athorities! She could be in danger. Please tell everyone you know.

WEIGHT:45 lbs.
HAIR:Brown, Shoulder, Curly
Last seen on 04-27-08 in Toledo, Ohio

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Eastsider...please pass along this contact information for your friend:

Kelly Jolkowski at Project Jason. Kelly's son Jason went missing in 2001, and she started the Project Jason foundation to help people with missing loved ones (missing children and missing adults).

She and her team of volunteers help families navigate the complexities of the legal system, provide emotional support, help publicize missing loved one's cases, etc. Definitely worth contacting to make sure everything possible is being done. (402) 932-0095 or

Here's their website also: The website has information and also a discussion forum, where people can pass along and obtain information about missing persons cases to help spread the word.

They also work closely with a program called 18 Wheel Angels. The program coordinates truck drivers for assistance in putting up flyers/posters regionally or across the country, and also keeping an eye out for missing individuals.

Sorry your friend is going through this, and I hope everything turns out okay.

I will, thank you so much.

they may have done this already - they should contact the missing and exploited children network . they have a website too . it is just

Why is this not an Amber Alert ?

This is a non-custodial abduction. The police don't believe PayPay would be hurt. Yet her mother is a major drug addict and I was told the husband is a convicted rapist. I don't know the husband so I don't know the validity of that claim, but I do know the mother is an addict. That's why she lost custody.
Personaly, I believe that enviroment is dangerous for a 3yr or any child for that matter.
My friend has reason to believe she may be in Hunkytown (Birmingham neighborhood).

I'm confused.. the drug addict mother is your friend or the drug addict mother is suspected of being the one who snatched the little girl?

My friend is the father whom has custody. The drug addicted mother snatched her. She lost custody because of her addictions.

Please do keep us updated.

I will, and Thanks to everyone for keeping you eyes open.

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