Man jailed 123 times for domestic violence

WTVG -- According to police, this time around 29-year-old Deon Brown is charged with domestic violence, and accused of beating his baby's mother.

A Toledo woman is brutally beat, and police are describing this incident as a string of assaults. It's all part of a domestic violence case they are still investigating. It first began early this morning in the parking lot of CJ's club on Phillips and North Detroit.

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123 times? There should be a way to lock someone like that up permanently...he's obviously never going to change and is a danger to others.

(I feel bad for that baby though...obviously because the baby's dad is a jerk. But also...only 6 weeks old, and both mom and dad are bar hopping until 3 am? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hitting a bar occasionally too. But geez, 6 weeks after giving birth seems like it may be a little too soon for a bar're not even fully recovered from childbirth yet, etc.)

than what could ever happen to this loser.

You just know he'll find himself another woman anyway.

once a month for 10 years. Fucking animal (now watch me be called racist for saying that)...

Granted, we dont know that it was the same woman all these years, but whether he's been habitually abusing one woman or a number of women doesnt really matter, does it?

And you wonder how many times she never called the cops when he was "ONLY" slamming her against the wall, or putting his hand on her throat and threatening her or the baby, brandishing weapons in front of them, etc... If you study the stats about reported abuse numbers vs NON reported numbers, the figures could become astronomical.

Then there's his accomplice - a system that lets him continue to do this - again- once a month for TEN frigging YEARS??? Try to tell us that nobody at the courthouse remembered this asshole and saw a trend.

Where were the Toledo police while all this was happening? From the article, [Deon Brown] ...began beating her [Tamesha Gott] stating he was going to kill her. Witnesses on the scene tried to help,

Getting involved in a domestic dispute of any kind is extremely dangerous. If you try and protect a woman who's being beaten, you'll be surprised at how often the woman will violently defend the man beating her. In this case, it seems that the bystanders could do very little to help. Then we learn that ...police say the suspect forced the victim into his car, drove to a park near Alexis Rd where he continued to beat her. He smothered her face with a pillow and even put a gun to her head. So the alleged perpetrator was armed. Here was have another blatant case of illiteracy. If Mr. Brown could read, he'd know that carrying a firearm without a license is a direct and flagrant violation of the law, which clearly prohibits such an action. I think Mr. Brown may have grounds for a lawsuit against the Toledo Board of Education for not teaching him to read. Notice that all the law abiding bystanders were either unarmed or unwilling to use their arms to defend the victim, Tamesha Gott, who was also unarmed.

If we are to believe the Toledo Blade, Deon Brown has been arrested 123 (one hundred and twenty-three) times. No mention is made about the number of indictments, trials, and convictions Brown has managed to accumulate, but these numbers are significant. In my opinion, Brown is a violent career criminal and should have been in jail or in the ground. Instead, he was out and running around where he could hurt people. Here's another link to the story:

Here we learn that, Gott told police Brown put her back in the car and drove her home to Page Street. and also that Gott was able to get out of the residence after Brown went to sleep. She then ran over St. Vincent’s Hospital, where she was treated and released. Again, rhetorically, where were the police during all this?

The Brady Bunch and the anti-freedom Nazis will be all over this story like white on rice. According to them, if guns were illegal none of this would have happened. The Toledo Police try and do their best, confiscating firearms when ever and where ever the Police find them, but I guess their best just isn't good enough. Bad luck on Tamesha Gott.

My question to the readers of my little diatribe is: If you were armed and on the scene of the crime, what would you do? I'll post my own answer in a few days.

Mad Jack
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...for damage to my property. I showed up in court about once every week for two months (the defense's lawyer got a lot of "continuances"), and it was a learning experience. Most of the people in the courtroom I was in were there for drunk driving, speeding, or domestic violence. Usually about half a dozen cases each time involved domestic violence, and I only remember one case where the woman showed up to pursue "justice". In every other case the charge was dropped when no woman showed up to testify as to the facts so the charges were dropped.

Old South End Broadway

I thought they changed it years ago, so a woman could not change her mind & drop charges of domestic violence after charges were already made - because the courts/judges got tired of seeing women go soft on the men who beat them & drop charges/wasting court time, etc. That's what I was told over 10 years ago - doesn't appear to have 'stuck' though.

They did change things

The last I knew it was called the violence against women and children act. The only had three strikes. How then does this go on - and is it not a miracle that this guy has not yet killed a person?

Decades ago, I filed a domestic abuse charge (no details provided) & the judge would not let me drop charges.

What do you think his chances are this time ? Will Ms. Gott show up to court this time. And how much time will he face if convicted ? The dog warden puts down vicious dogs for acting less aggressive. But violent crime is down in Toledo according to those in the know. Imagine how much fewer the numbers would be if this guy was not getting arrested 5 times a year since the age of 10.

Some places have 3 strikes...... of course those are felony convictions. 100 arrests must total up to something special.

Off of Deon for a minute. How dumb is this woman for keep going back to him ? Will she learn her lesson or face a certain death at his or another mans hands ?

How dumb is this woman for keep going back to him ? Will she learn her lesson or face a certain death at his or another mans hands ?

It's called Battered Women's Syndrome and it's a form of mental illness. The victim believes that they deserve to be abused and so return. The real problem happens when the woman finally decides to get some support and begins divorce proceedings. He hits her, she calls the police, he's arrested and thrown into the hoosegow until he posts bond. Then the Judge issues a restraining order, the police tell the woman that her soon to be ex-husband knows about the restraining order and won't be a problem to her any more. All she needs to do is dial nine-one-one.

If she believes the police, the ex will beat her half to death and maybe kill her. Somehow, the ex isn't deterred by a piece of paper full of promises and high-handed judicial declarations. If, on the other hand, she keeps her own council and empties five into the SOB when he kicks in the front door at four in the morning, she's arrested and slapped around by the police, jailed and charged with murder in the second degree. Where is she going to get money for a lawyer? What about the kids? What about the restraining order that didn't work?

Of course, if Ohio had a castle doctrine law, most of this wouldn't happen. Even in Toledo. She'd give the SOB terminal lead poisoning, the JBTs would eventually get their collective heads far enough out of their asses to ascertain that no crime had been committed, and she could start cleaning up the very last mess this cretin will ever make in anyone's life or home again.

Naturally, Ohio doesn't have such a law, so the Brady Bunch can do their little happy dance in celebration of another woman's life being ruined because she was fed up with her role as personal punching bag.

Mad Jack
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These kind of losers make me think we've really got to start regulating people's rights to reproduce. When you can pass a test and prove you're a sane, productive human being you may removed from birth control.

{kidding - but then again, not.}

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